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Is it already that time? Yes it sure is – it’s time to sell your iPad 2! 

Apple hasn’t confirmed even the existence of the new “iPad 3”, but leaks and rumors so far have all been pointing to the first week of March as the proposed launch date for the iPad 3. Based on reports, first and second-generation iPad owners have begun to rush to sell their devices ahead of the official launch of the iPad 3.

One of the neat things about Apple products is that they, in general, hold their resale value much better than other electronics. Traditionally, people who sold their Apple products prior to the official announcement/launch of the next-generation update fetched higher prices from eBay, Gazelle, and NextWorth. The prices obviously start to tumble down as more people get their hands on the next-generation gadgets in-store.

Steve Jobs iPad 2 Keynote

Steve Jobs iPad 2 Keynote

Lauren Indvik of Mashable reports that she and her colleague, Christina Warren, both sold their 32GB iPads on Gazelle for around $550 each – this was immediately after the announcement unveiling of the iPad 2 back in March 2011. The quoted price dropped dropped to $300 range in a matter of hours following.

I used my iPad on a daily basis so I didn’t have a luxury of selling my iPad 64GB just prior to the announcement. I, however, kept my eyes peeled and secured a quote several days prior to the official launch over on Instant Sale on eBay – $421.52. After hours of waiting in line for the iPad 2 (and must I mention that Best Buy dropped the ball for my 64GB White AT&T iPad 2 reservation ticket and by the time I got to the counter to check out, they didn’t have any left for me.) across 2 Best Buys and several attempts at Apple Stores both in and out of State, I finally secured my iPad 2 and shipped off the iPad 1 to Instant Sale the following day.

Mashable posted a handy chart, courtesy of NextWorth, that shows the drop in resale price for the iPad 1 during the iPad 2 launch.

iPad Resale Price Decline

If you could live without your iPad for a couple weeks and are sure to pick up an iPad 3, I would strongly suggest that you sell your iPad in the coming days. You could always sell it on eBay but if you count in the hassle, competition, and the ~9% commission for eBay and Paypal, you might be better off selling your old iPad to resellers.

Here are a few ways to sell your old iPad:

*It would be a good idea to compare the resale prices across a number of resellers as they vary in price frequently. 

InstantSale by eBay

 I usually end up selling my gadgets on eBay but my InstantSale experience with my iPad was great. I locked in a price, which was valid for a few days and when I was ready to ship, InstantSale provided me with a prepaid shipping label. The iPad was checked in and inspected, and I had my money deposited into my Paypal account in a few days.

InstantSale generally has competitive prices but again, I can’t emphasize enough that you should shop around and see who would pay more for your gadget.


Gazelle is another popular service that buys your used devices. Their prices are competitive and the service, well I can’t speak from experience but I’ve read many good reviews about them. However, I ‘have’ read a number of complaints over on Macrumors forums regarding how they can be unfair during inspection and claim that your device is worth less than what was quoted.


NextWorth provides a similar service to the above mentioned resellers. I do not have personal experience with this company either so unfortunately comment too much. There does seem to be quite a few mixed reviews with this service, however…

Best Buy

If you’re a brick-and-mortar type of person, you might just drop by your local Best Buy and trade-in your iPad for a Best Buy giftcard. Gift cards aren’t appealing but it’s the next best thing after cash, so…your choice really. Best Buy giftcards can be quite flexible in that you’re able to purchase Amazon Kindle giftcards with the Best Buy giftcard, so you could apply the sum onto your Amazon.com account.

That said, Best Buy often does not have the best prices available compared to resellers such as eBay, Gazelle, NextWorth so keep that in mind.


Yes, of course, I almost forgot – eBay. I mean…who doesn’t know you can sell old gadgets (and anything) on eBay though! You’re on your own here 😉


Do you have a favorite reseller that you use to ‘recycle’ your electronic gadgets? What do you do with your old gadgets? Share with us in comments!

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