OS X Lion 10.7.3 Update, No Audio

Another day and yes, another OS X Lion 10.7.3 Update problem. This time is’s a ‘No Audio’ crisis that’s giving grief to a number of 10.7.3 users.

Our reader, RTU5, left us a comment on our initial post about problems with the 10.7.3 update:

In my case there is no audio! No sound coming out fom the matchbook anymore!
Is there a way to cancel the 10.7.3 and return to 10.7.2?

The OS X Lion Update 10.7.3 has to be one of the buggiest update ever – for those of you new to the Apple-osphere, don’t worry, Apple doesn’t break updates…this much…ever…

Anyway, there are a number of ways to go about this No Audio problem.

  • Reboot
  • Sometimes computer are stupid like this…a simple reboot often is the magic ingredient
  • Reset SMC (System Management Controller)
  • http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964
  • Reset PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory)
  • http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1379
  • Switch from Soundflower (2ch) to Headphones/Internal Speakers
  • You may or may not have Soundflower on your computer – I believe my Soundflower came with my Splashtop Remote Desktop but you may have it installed for other apps/reasons.
  • To change it, go to:
    System Preferences > Sound > If Soundflower is selected, select Headphones/Internal Speakers
  • Sound Preferences Mac OS X.
  • ‘Kickstart’ Volume with Audio MIDI Setup
  • With Macs, there’s a nifty tool called Audio MIDI Setup that allows you to manage your audio settings. There’s a volume bar in the app and sometimes you could ‘kickstart’ your audio by moving around the volume bar.
  • Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup > Move the volume bar(s) around on Output
  •  If you have Windows on Bootcamp, boot to it, enable Sound and reboot to Mac
  • Simply boot into your Windows on Bootcamp, enable sound on Windows, reboot to Mac and your audio is back on your Mac
  • Terminal command to restart CoreAudio
  • Here’s a temporary workaround that involves Terminal.
  • Applications > Utilities > Terminal > sudo killall coreaudiod
    this command will restart the sound system if your computer booted without.
  • Reinstall 10.7.3 Combo Updater
  • Visit our previous post for tips on how to go about this.
  • Roll back to 10.7.2 (Restore with a backup – Time Machine)
  • Not the most favorable of choices but you could roll back to 10.7.2 if you have a Time Machine or other backup. Otherwise…you’re going to have to find another option
  • Reinstall Mac OS X completely
  • *Just a warning, while the method was proposed by one of the members on Apple Discussions, reinstalling and such do come with some risk of losing your data. Please, back up your computer first, then try the fix. Digital Cupcake will not be responsible for any loss of data
  • CUI CUI CUI error 10.7.3 all apps crashes – Apple Support Communities
Please let us know which solution worked for you and if I’ve missed any. It does look, however, that Apple really dropped the ball on this one.


Please remember to submit a feedback to Apple regarding the ‘bug’ to bump the case up to high priority with Apple. http://www.apple.com/feedback/


Here are a few forum threads to check out as well:

As always, BEST OF LUCK with troubleshooting your Mac!! Also please let us know in comment which method worked or not worked for you! Thanks again!

(Thank you RTU!)

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