Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 XDA Sim Unlock Tool

Unlocking a phone almost always is a hassle to do. SIM unlocks can be accomplished by doing a number of things, such as using the hex editor among other things, and it often requires some computer knowledge to go about it – to put it simply, I wouldn’t recommend my mom to unlock her phone using a hex editor.

There are, of course, other methods to go about unlocking your phone – either by paying your carrier or paying a third-party to give you the unlock code. Paying for your SIM unlock is, however, never ideal.

If you currently own a Samsung Galaxy S and/or a Samsung Galaxy S II (please note the restrictions with newer models. further development is under way), you may be in luck because a Senior Member of the XDA Developers community, Grooby, has put together a nifty easy tool to perform a SIM Unlock on your SGS2 and SGS on Windows.

The SIM Unlocker tool is based on the unlock by XDA Recognized Developer Odia and if you’re curious about the method, check out the original development thread here.

XDA reports:

The application works only for older models of the Samsung Galaxy S II I9100, as some users report the method not working with hardware versions 1.4 or beyond. The older version of the tool will work for users carrying a Samsung Galaxy S I9000.

If you happen to have the supported models, you could download the appropriate tools and instructions in the original thread over at XDA Developers.

Development is under way for the tool to support newer versions of the Galaxy S2 models, so if the tool doesn’t work for you, you may have to wait a bit longer for the update to roll around.

Good luck!

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