Apple iCloud Commercial

Apple sure knows how to deliver a message within their 30-second commercials. Apple’s latest commercial features the iCloud, showcasing a number of iCloud’s most notable features including seamless sync across any Apple devices.

When you take pictures on your iPhone, using iCloud’s Photo Stream function, your photos are displayed across your iPhone, iPad, Macbook – you name a (recent) Apple product, you’ll see your pictures there.

Apps? Download an app on your iPad and the app will appear on your iPhone as well – no need to remember to look up the app in the App Store again.

iCloud’s features allow for an all-in-one solution to keep your photos, documents, music, books, apps, email, contacts, and calendars all in sync – it even backs up your iOS devices automatically so in any critical circumstances that you lose your phone, your ‘new’ phone could be restored with your latest back up right from iCloud.

Simply put,

With iCloud, the stuff you love is everywhere you need it. Automatically.
     – @Apple on YouTube video description

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