Best Buy iPad Discount

Best Buy is cutting $50 off the prices of the Apple iPad 2, starting at just $449.99 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. Apple discounts do come by every now and then – albeit the discounts are relatively meager compared to other vendors, cheaper is (almost) always good, right? Besides, $45 discount was what Best Buy offered for the customers during Black Friday 2011, so $50 appears to be a pretty good deal…

Best Buy Employee iPadDon’t rush off to your Best Buy just yet, however. The next generation Apple iPad 3 looks to be packed with some impressive specifications and its launch is rumored to be just around the corner. The iPad 2, however, is a wonderful device. I use it on a daily basis and often take it to trips abroad with me in lieu of my MacBook. That said, I personally would hold off to see what the iPad 3 holds in store for us.

If you simply want to try the iPad out and/or want to jump in on the discount, remember that Best Buy has a no-hassle return policy for 14-days from purchase date.

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Image Credit: TUAW, Business Review USA

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