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Don’t worry, Facebook; Google+ isn’t going to replace you anytime soon, or ever. Facebook doesn’t have to be scared of Google+, but it doesn’t mean everyone else is safe. There is one specific group that does have to worry: sites that provide web conferencing services to businesses. Since Google+ is primarily a social network, this consequence wasn’t at the forefront of people’s minds. But with Hangouts, Google+ has thoroughly threatened web conferencing services and may one day replace them altogether. It’s a very real possibility for a few significant reasons.

“Hanging Out” is Free…

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Many people have talked about Google+ Hangouts as a major threat to Skype, and this is true. Skype has been fighting back by teaming with Facebook and offering the ability to have group video chats, but for a fee. Since Hangouts are free, there’s the likelihood they’ll still become more popular than Skype. The fact that you can video chat with a total of ten people for no cost whatsoever is the very reason Hangouts will end up replacing web conferencing services as the main way business make connections online. While some web conferencing sites offer a variety of features for free, none of them nearly as much versatility as Google+ without requiring a fee. Free is always better, especially for small businesses.

…And Offers (Free) Essential Tools
Google+ Hangouts isn’t just simply a way to hold a meeting with a total of ten people face-to-face. It provides you with a range of web conferencing capabilities that are essential to many businesses. For one thing, Google+ Hangouts seamlessly integrates with Google Docs, the free document sharing service that so many businesses use already. In a Hangout, you can edit Docs together with ease. Hangouts also offers screen sharing, and the ability for everyone to write on a group whiteboard. These tools are so important for collaborations between businesspeople. In addition, you can allow an unlimited number of people to view your Hangouts (though only 10 can actively participate). Hangouts also work on Android smartphones, which makes it even more convenient for fellow collaborators to join in when they’re on-the-go. With all of these essential tools available for free, why does any business need to use a web conferencing service anymore? Well, they don’t.

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The Future
It may take a little while for many businesses to realize the power of Google+ Hangouts and make the switch. Perhaps they’ve already paid for a web conferencing service for the year and don’t want to waste it. They might even be reluctant to use an informal “social network” for such important and formal business. But as Google+ continues to mature and develop, many businesses are sure to see the light and abandon paid web conferencing services. Google+ is already more popular with professionals. It’s only natural that these professionals will take full advantage of what Hangouts have to offer. Unless the major web conferencing services step up their game and begin offering more value, they’ll end up losing their paid subscribers to Google+ very quickly.

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