Best Buy 30-Day Return Policy
TUAW reports that they received a tip from a Best Buy insider that the electronics giant is looking to simplify its Return and Exchange Policy.

Starting next week, Best Buy plans to offer 30-day returns on all items, iPads and Macs included.

Best Buy already offers a no-hassle return policy that makes shopping experience very satisfying for many, including myself. Basically ‘no-hassle’ policy allows customers to return their purchased products with a receipt within a specific period of time, and (as long as the product isn’t damaged) Best Buy will take them back, no questions asked.

I’ve returned a few items myself for various reasons, and Best Buy has been nothing but helpful so far – one of the reasons why I keep returning to them.

The current return and exchange policy, however, is quite complex if you don’t pay attention. In a nutshell, it’s 30-day return for all products except select electronics such as computers and tablets (iPads), which are given a 14-day window for returns.

Best Buy sign

Best Buy sign (Photo credit: Ron Dauphin)

Starting next week, Best Buy plans to offer 30-day return policy on all products, including iPads. Apple currently offers a 14-day return policy for their products and the 30-day return policy goes hand in hand with Amazon‘s 30-day return policy already in place.

On paper, it looks like Best Buy is merely matching Amazon’s Return Policy; however if you look closely, Best Buy does not charge a restocking fee (25% only for special orders). Amazon, however, may charge varying amounts of restocking fees depending on a number of factors (date of return, product category, etc).

Here’s a link to the current Best Buy’s Store Exchange & Return Policy for those interested.

via TUAW

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