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Arguably the most important feature of a smartphone nowadays is the display. Remember the days where phones were…well, a phone – a device that you make and receive calls with?

Smartphones now come with a full screen touch-screen display, most of them with a ton of pixels that bring crisp and vivid images. As displays become ever so important to a smartphone, calibrating the display to the user’s liking is one of the things that many users have been seeking for.

Calibrating a monitor to the user’s liking, for example, makes a whole lot of difference in the images and videos that you watch from the screen. For example, calibrating my LG panel MacBook Air to look more Samsung-panel-MacBook-Air-eske made a world of difference to me.

There is now a way to bring your Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note‘s screen to life with the use of a single app, developed by an XDA Developer member, wql. The SST or Soft Screen Tuner allows the user to adjust the RGB values, sharpness, saturation, as well as color temperature, all configurable with its three preset settings: Standard, Dynamic, and Movie.

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That’s great, now how do you install this? Android Market?

Nope, not in the Android Market for now. The app is still in beta and released on its original development thread at XDA Developers. So far the app is compatible only for Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note and wql notes that it may be compatible with other Samsung AMOLED devices.

Please note that the Soft Screen Tuner will NOT work with NON-Samsung phones.

Another requirement is the SST requires the device to be rooted, so if you haven’t rooted your device, you’d have to root it before you’re able to install the app.

If you ARE rooted, simply download the APK from the original thread and install it.

Many folks over on the forums seem to be pretty satisfied with the app so far and suggesting more features/tweaks for future revisions. An XDA Developer member, rosebud, was able to tweak the screen with SST so that it no longer shows a blue tint that’s been annoying for some time.

Has installing this app made your experience with your Samsung phone more enjoyable? Let us know in comments!

via XDA Developers

Image Credit (edited images): Tweek Tweak – South Park, Samsung Galaxy Note Review, Red Board by Rogers

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