Apple March 7 Invitation

[Update 3/1/12] Oh Cult of Mac…you guys are totally awesome. Here’s Cult of Mac’s ‘thoughtful’ analysis of what they expect on March 7th.

Cult of Mac iPad 3 Thoughtful Analysis

After several long months of rumors and speculations, we now have a date for the launch of the Apple iPad 3 – hold your breath…

March 7, 2012

Invitations have been forwarded to the media for the highly anticipated Apple event in New York City in San Francisco.

Details and rumors about the ‘next’ iPad has been funneling in over the past several weeks/months and here’s what we know/speculate so far in a nutshell:

  • dual-LED backlit high-resolution retina display (2048 x 1536 True HD)
  • slightly thicker than the iPad 2
  • slight, if any, design modifications to the iPad 2
  • larger battery
  • A5X enhanced dual-core chip or A6 quad-core chip
  • 4G LTE network capable
  • Addition of Apple’s personal assistant, Siri

In addition to the iPad 3, many speculate that the new 1080p-capable Apple TV will be launched during the March 7 event as well – some believe that the A5X chip may have been built for the Apple TV and A6 for the iPad 3.

Apple iPhone 4S Invite


Apple likes to hide ‘hints’ within their press event invitations – the invite for the iPhone 4S/iOS 5 announcement, for example, included a “1” notification on the Phone icon, signifying that they will be announcing just one phone during the event.



Apple iPad 3 InvitationThis time however, Apple doesn’t seem to be hiding anything…or are they?

We have something you really have to see. And touch.

Clearly the event will be about the new version of the iPad from the image. The “see” portion is self explanatory – it’s probably pointing to the new retina display. “Touch“? Not so much…

Whoa, no Home Button? 

Comments over on Mashable point out the lack of a Home button on the image and while some proposed that the image was taken in landscape mode, one of the readers, Jeremy Schwartz made a clear point how the image must have been taken in portrait mode after all. Schwartz pointed out the positioning of the water droplets on the wallpaper of the iPad and the argument seems quite valid – it does look like the image may have been taken in portrait mode.

iPad 3 Invitation Analysis

If the analysis is correct, we may have a Home button-less iPad in our hands. The “Touch” may be pointing to the button-less iPad, just how Steve (Jobs) would’ve wanted it.

Do you see any more hints from the image? What are we missing here?

via Mashable

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