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Folks, it looks like‘s unlock service is back again this year. For those that aren’t familiar with the service, CutYourSIM offered a permanent IMEI unlock service for folks worldwide last year – most notably for folks with AT&T locked Apple iPhones.

AT&T doesn’t offer official unlock.

AT&T is known not to provide any service to unlock the iPhones for users, although select carriers around the world do have options to either purchase or request an unlock. Folks with locked AT&T phones have always sought for means to unlock their iPhones – most if not all resorted to the Ultrasn0w unlock but having to have to jailbreak the phone to unlock is never the most ideal solution.

Last year CutYourSim offered an unlock – and it worked for me!

AT&T iPhoneLast year, CutYourSim’s offer for a permanent unlock solution was received with much caution from the users as there has been numerous claims of scams involving unlocking of iPhones and such. I personally had an AT&T locked iPhone 4 and was traveling when the news hit. The price was $169 last year and I dove right in – I realized the risks but figured it would be worth it.

CutYourSim’s order took a few days to process and yes, my iPhone had been unlocked and permanently so. It was the best $169 I spent, ever, I think – or I’d like to think so at least. No one seemed to know exactly how CutYourSim pulled off the unlock but the unlock worked and the phone remained unlocked until I sold it for my new officially unlocked iPhone 4S. The service, however unfortunately, was shut down by (presumably) Apple and while the unlock service existed for a number of other carriers around the globe, CutYourSim never mentioned if the AT&T unlock would (ever) return.

Recalling my previous experience with these guys, the service worked then and if the past is of any indicator of the present/future, this may be a short window that you could get your AT&T iPhone permanently unlocked. Also CutYourSim offers a full refund if the unlock doesn’t go through, so it’s risk free as well.

CutYourSim Refund Inquiry

K. Now where do I go to get the unlock?

Get your wallet ready and try to put in your order as early as possible as the unlock window may be closing even as you’re reading this article.

Good luck! Please let us know how it goes! Also, enjoy your unlocked iPhone!

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