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Just like many smartphone users these days, I tend to get pretty excited about apps – especially discovering those new and hidden apps that actually are pretty fabulous.

Today, I’d like to present to you – the Edit App for the iPhone (FREE).

Edit App - CreativeApplications.Net

Edit App is a free and simple RSS reader that turns your RSS feeds into a visual flow of images. The app simply picks up the images from the articles in the RSS feeds and organizes them into a nice flow of images for you to quickly browse through – kinda like what we do on Pinterest. It’s a great way to quickly browse through the latest news with images to guide through your interests.

Edit App Demo

The neat thing about the app is that it currently does almost everything that I need a simple RSS reader to do – browsing through the articles, saving with Instapaper, and starring the articles.

There is one feature that Edit App does that no other RSS readers (that I know of, at least) do at the moment – it publishes a Public Feed of all your starred items that you could simply browse on your computer or share with your friends.

Edit App Public Feed

Using Edit App is as simple as an app could be. You open the app, enter your Google Reader account information, scroll through the images. Want to read the article for a particular image? Simply slide your finger to the Left and voila! There’s your article.

To publish the image/article to your Public Feed, simply tap on the image and a black ‘dot’ will appear on the screen, noting that it’s been added to your Public Feed. If you want to ‘Star’ an article, the same technique applies, except you’d need to go to the:

Settings (black bar at the bottom) > Advanced Settings > Star items ON.

The app does seem to be in the process of sorting through the bugs and performance upgrades as there are times where the feed takes some time to load. If your feed stalls for a bit, simply close the app and re-open it – usually kicks the app to start downloading the feeds again. The image rendering and stability of the app is a slight concern; however when I contacted the developer, they told me that “stabilization of image rendering has been (and still is) the highest on the bug list“.

Edit App Pinterest

Okay here’s what I absolutely LOVE about the Edit App Pinterest.

Eh? Pinterest? Let’s get back onto the topic please………Hold on, let me finish.

I just recently hopped onto the Pinterest train (Digital Cupcake has a Pinterest page by the way, check us out at http://www.pinterest.com/digitalcupcake!!) and it’s been…well addicting to say the least. (nod your head if you agree!)

Ever wondered how you could effectively Pin articles/images from your RSS Feed? Edit App‘s Public Feed will allow you to do this, no problem.

  1. Tap on an image/article on Edit App to forward the item to be published on your Edit Public Feed
  2. Browse to your Public Feed
  3. Using the Pin It Bookmarklet for Pinterest, start pinning!
  4. Love Edit, Love Pinterest

Edit App really solved one of my biggest complaints of pinning things on Pinterest – the lack of the ability to efficiently pin stuff from RSS feeds. Not only that, after using the text-based RSS feeds for quite a while, an RSS reader that focuses on images is refreshing. I really like the concept that the folks at Edit App has in mind and I look forward to seeing more features added to the Edit App!

The Edit App is FREE so head on over and check it out. It’s not the most refined of the apps out there but it certainly deserves an accolade for its concept and the ability to use its Public Feed with Pinterest.

Edit App - CreativeApplications.Net

Edit.app Demo from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.


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