Apple iPad HD for March 7?

With the official Apple event for the launch of the iPad poised for next Wednesday (March 7), we now may have uncovered a name for this next generation iPad – the iPad HD.

Gizmodo reportedly obtained an alleged part listings from Griffin and Belkin that clearly show the model names of the to-be-released accessories for the latest iPad: Griffin IntelliCase for iPad HD

Griffin iPad HD

The name, “iPad HD” does seem reasonable being that the new display on the iPad reportedly will sport a retina display with 2048 x 1536 resolution however it still is unclear if Apple would indeed stray off to a non-numerical designation for its next generation iPad. The names iPad 2S and iPad 3 has been floating around the web for the potential names of the latest iPad, but it seems like it’s the first time we’ve heard of an iPad HD.

Tapatalk iPad HD

A user reportedly told Gizmodo that the name “iPad HD” has appeared on Google Analytics since April 2011 and there has been pings of 2048 x 1536 resolution displays as well. Reportedly the submitted tip of iPad HD showing up on Analytics has not been spoofed being that the data was generated using a forum app called Tapatalk, which its data cannot be spoofed.

All  in all, one thing that seems clear to us is that the iPad HD will include a high-resolution display, which is definitely welcome. However it is slight bit concerning how if the iPad HD is indeed called as such, how much of an upgrade will we be seeing over the iPad 2 and if there will ever be an iPad 3 in the near future.

By the way, check out this video by Aatma Studio showcasing a concept of the future iPad. Unfortunately not available with iPad HD but perhaps in the future?

via Gizmodo

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