Instaprint Kickstarter

Enjoy taking pictures with Instagram and its convenience of instantly sharing them with your friends and family? Well here’s something that you might want to check out – Instaprint.

Here’s what BREAKFAST, the folks behind the new creation, has to say about the Instaprint:

Instaprint is a photo booth that puts a camera in everyone’s hand. By setting Instaprint to look out for specific locations or hashtags, any Instagram tagged appropriately will automatically be printed out on inkless paper.

The project is on Kickstarter and I think the concept is simply BRILLIANT. Just like the description, if you set the Instaprint to look for a specific location (for example, your store/cafe) or hashtags, any Instagram photos with the specific tags will be forwarded to Instaprint to be printed on inkless paper.

Instaprint UnitsInstaprint would work great for shop/cafe owners as well as for parties – and we all know that ‘everyone’ has Instagram now, right? (yes, looking at all 25+ million of you out there!) ‘Interesting’ would be such an understatement pointing at the creative potential this small printing box would have.

Want a quick preview of how you’d use Instaprint? Well head on over to Ustream @Instaprint. BREAKFAST guys set up a Ustream channel for you to see your photos print real time in their office in New York. Simply take a photo and tag it with #Instaprint and in minutes, you’ll see your photo printing on the screen. The channel looks to be offline at the moment but I’m sure it will be up in no time.

I want one!

Sure you do! Instaprint is a Kickstarter project looking to raise $500,000 in 57 days as of March 3. The price isn’t the cheapest out there, but it’s the only device that does what it does out there for the moment. By pledging $399 or more, you’ll receive 1 Instaprint with controller, 1 coiled power cable, 1 power supply, and 20 sheets of inkless paper. Of course there are other options to pledge for 2,3, and 4 Instaprint so head over to BREAKFAST’s Kickstarter page to back your (first) Kickstarter project!

K, when can I get one?

For now, BREAKFAST expects to ship the Instaprint units around September 2012, according to the Kickstarter page; however I’m sure they’ll provide updates as they come closer to the Summer 2012.

Again, I think the concept is brilliant and would be interesting to see it in my local coffee shop sometime. I’m personally not sure how I’d use it around the house – of course I could set it up so I could print my personal photos with hashtags but then again, I have my printer to print my photos. Guess we’ll see in several weeks if Instaprint would be the next star with Kickstarter!

What are your thoughts? Convinced enough to pledge for a unit? Share your thoughts in comments.

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