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Screen estate, the amount of space you have on your screen, has become ever more important recently than in the past, thanks to the sheer number of apps, browsers, etc that we run constantly on our computer.

It’s become quite a grueling task, at least for me, to get all the windows organized on my 13″ MacBook Air for Photoshop, Chrome, and ‘many’ more stuff going on my computer.


This morning while coming to work, it struck me – I need a second monitor…but I’m sure my boss won’t approve of it.

Sound familiar?

The solution, assuming you have either an iOS and/or Android tablet/phone, is quite simple actually, and here goes the phrase: There’s an app for that.

Air Display ($9.99. App Store & Android Market)

Air Display - Avatron Software, Inc.

It can’t get any simpler than this really. Air Display detects your devices and allows your computer to recognize the devices as your second monitor, whereby you are then able to extend your screen or mirror your desktop to your iPad.

Air Display Menu Bar ConfigurationConfiguration is easy. Simply download and install Air Display on both your computer and your iPhone/iPad/Android device, and Air Display will take care of the rest. The instructions are straightforward and simple; you only need to make sure both devices are on the same network.

To connect or switch to another device, simply click on the Air Display icon on the menu bar and select the device that you want to designate as your ‘second’ monitor.


Air Video Amazon Kindle Fire

Air Display works on Amazon Kindle Fire too!

Now here’s something that can get some of you even more excited – Amazon Kindle Fire.

Yes, the Amazon Android tablet works great with Air Display. There is, however, just one problem – the Android Market categorizes the Air Display as incompatible with the Kindle Fire. But Never say “Never,” folks.

If you have a Kindle Fire, you probably already have ‘sideloaded‘ a few apps using the Android apk files. The same rule applies here as well. Obtaining a specific apk from the Android Market to install on the Kindle Fire has always been difficult, however…until now.

APK Downloader AndroidA new Chrome extension called the APK Downloader has surfaced recently that allows the users to download the actual apk from the Android Market.

**Please note that the Extension is known to go against the TOS for using the Android Market, so use it at your own risk!

Check here for more details about how to obtain the Extension. The APK Downloader 1.2 (as of writing) is available via a link on the official website, just above the instructions.

Coming back to Air Display, while the Kindle Fire’s 7-inch display isn’t exactly sufficient to work as a second monitor, if you simply need an extra space to use while coding or writing a blog, it does its job perfectly. There is a slight lag when you move things around, but the setup is perfectly feasible for what we’re trying to achieve here.


I have a Mac and can’t ‘disable the SSL error warnings’ on Chrome.

To disable the SSL error warnings, Windows users simply need to adjust the shortcut to adjust the settings. However for Mac OS X and Linux users, the process isn’t exactly clear.

Follow these instructions if you have a Mac OS X:

  1. Quit Chrome
  2. Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)
  3. Paste the following onto the Terminal window:
    open -a /Applications/Google Chrome --args --ignore-certificate-errors

I’m not too familiar with Linux but here’s how you’d disable SSL on Linus:

  • chromium-browser --remote-debugging-port=9222


Air Video Samsung Galaxy Note


Also on smaller screens such as Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones

If you didn’t know already, Air Display also works with smaller-screen smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Note. The extra screen real estate isn’t much but it still may be useful for folks who might want to mirror their computer screen to the smartphones and/or put his/her coding window up on the Galaxy Note’s screen.


Multiple devices for multiple additional screens

Unfortunately no. There has been numerous requests on the Air Display forums and the developers have been looking into allowing for multiple monitors with Air Display. We’re hopeful that the future updates would come with this capabilities but as of this moment, nothing has been announced regarding Air Display’ support for using multiple devices simultaneously.


Love the new set up!

I personally love my new set up. I’ve been bringing my iPad and Kindle Fire to work and they’ve pretty much been lying around while I work on my MacBook Air. Now my iPad2 works as my extended monitor, giving me quite an ample space to work with.

Have you tried using the Air Display? What device(s) are you using it with? How? How do you like it? Please share your thoughts in comments!

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