iOS 5.1 Battery Improved

It’s been several days since the iOS 5.1 launched and we have good news to share with all of you – users are reporting significantly improved battery life with the latest iOS update.

Apple, Y U No Battery LifeBattery life on iPhones have always been problematic – especially with iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1, both of which supposedly should have resolved the battery issues ended up actually decreasing the battery life for many. After three iOS 5.1 Beta versions distributed to the developers and with mixed reports about battery life with the 3 versions, it looks like Apple has finally located the problem with the battery drain.

Users over on Reddit as well as in OS X Daily reports quite a uniform number of improvements in battery, especially on the iPhone 4S, iPad, and the iPad 2 3G models.

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“I thought they were making BS claims, but after a few days I can honestly say that yes… I’ve seen a dramatic improvement on the life of the battery. Kudos to the power saving iOS devs.”
[ruffyamaharyder – Reddit] 

Every user is going to notice different gains depending on their device usage and general battery health, but overall the improvements seem to be most noticeable on cellular iOS devices, particularly iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPad 2 3G models. The assumption is that some of the potential location services issues has been resolved, though its certainly worth mentioning that users of the standard Wi-Fi models and iPod touch also report a nice boost, even if it doesn’t seem to be quite as dramatic (likewise, the original drain problem usually wasn’t as bad either).

“Currently at Usage 7 Hours, 46 minutes, Standby 3 Days, 20 Hours..with 17% left in the battery.. Was at 100% when I did the 5.1 update..” [Trizlo – Reddit]

“Since my last charge after updating, I went from 100% battery to 40% (when I decided to charge it) on 5 hours of usage and 51 hours of standby.” [zinger2112 – Reddit]

The new iPad‘s Retina Display, A5X chip, as well as the 4G LTE chip would surely require a good amount of juice to run and it’s certainly comforting to hear the latest reports of battery drainage fixes in the community.

So, for you folks that have updated to iOS 5.1, has your battery life improved/decreased? Please share your experiences and thoughts in comments!

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