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Several months ago, Apple approved a tethering app called iTether for the App Store. Apple’s approval process for the App Store is quite extensive and one of the types of apps that it frowns upon are tethering apps. There has been, in the past, several apps that snuck past: iRandomizer, PayUpPunk, and a few more.

Once discovered, Apple removed each apps from the App Store, and obviously the same thing happened with iTether and was pulled from the App Store just within hours of launching.

Tethering Apps

Here’s a good news for folks who want to tether their iPhone’s data without signing up for a separate monthly additional tethering plan with the carrier – iTether is back.

This time, there’s no need to rush to the App Store as the ‘app’ is not available on the App Store. Tether figured out a way to create a HTML5-based iTether web application that can be easily used on any iOS device that has a data connection.

The new iTether is not free, as you might have expected already, and will cost you $30 per year to use it. That’s just $2.50 per month added to your monthly bill as opposed to a much larger sum if you sign up with your mobile carrier. Another huge benefit to this tethering option is that you wouldn’t have to jailbreak your device.

There are plenty of reasons to get iTether and especially for the casual folks who simply want to tether to your iPad/Computer only occasionally, I think $2.50 is a great price considering the amount of trouble you would go through with jailbreaking or paying a considerably larger amount of money for a tethering plan.

That said, carriers do often monitor abnormal usages on their data network and may tag you for tethering and slap the tethering plan to your monthly bill. iTether, I believe, has not had any issues with the carriers however, so granted that you don’t fire off your Torrents with your tethered connection, you should be just fine.

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