new iPad camera is the same as iPhone 4

One of the upgrades that the iPad 3 (yes, the ‘new iPad’) has been graced with is the 5 megapixel rear camera. Shortly after iFixit’s teardown of the iPad 3, Chipworks unveiled its own disassembly analysis of the components inside the iPad 3.

During the disassembly, Chipworks found that Apple apparently reused its camera components from previous models for the iPad 3. The rear camera apparently sports a 5-megapixel CMOS Image Sensor, Omnivision OV5650, which is also the same image sensor used on the iPhone 4.

It is very likely that Apple has recycled the 5 Mp back illuminated CMOS image sensor from the iPhone 4. That unit was the Omnivision OV5650. The OV5650 is the second generation back illumination (BSI) technology from OmniVision. This 5 Mp camera features 1.75 µm pixels, and is designed to deliver DSC quality in a mobile phone application. The sensor supports HD (1080p) video at 60 fps. Apple specifications for the new iPad also tout the same specification. So the analysis we have just completed . . . drum roll please . . . says that the 5 Mp back illuminated CMOS image sensor in the new iPad is the same, it is the Omnivision OV5650 (die markings OV290BF).

The front camera of the iPad 3 still uses the same 0.3-megapixel camera used on the iPad 2 and the old camera-equipped iPod Nano, also known as Omnivision OV297AA.

Chipworks notes that it’s not uncommon for companies to reuse older components on newer products. The move is, for the company, a ‘smart move’ since the technique keeps the manufacturing costs and technological risks to a minimum.

via Macrumors, Chipworks

Image Credit: Richard Peters Photography, TechnologyTell


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