Samsung Galaxy Note OTA update

While Samsung will probably not be gracing the Galaxy Note users with the expected Android 4.0 ICS update, a new firmware update for the international version of the ‘phabulet’ (GT-N7000) has been rolling out over the past couple days.

Android Central reports that the update brings a new cellular radio (version XXLB2) and an updated Samsung software (XXLC1). The update weighs at just under 40MB. The general experience of the Note appears to be more responsive and “spiffier”.

According to reports, a few bugs within the video editor app has been fixed with the new firmware. The app now handles files shot with various frame rates better (without stuttering and delays) and the “fade” effect no longer produces artifacts.

kthx…what about the Ice Cream Sandwich?

According to Samsung Norway via Facebook, Samsung will not be bringing the ICS update to Galaxy Note until Q2 2012. This situation may be specific to Samsung Norway; however it’s more likely that the release would be delayed worldwide.

Samsung Norway Galaxy Note

“We realize of course that you will have ICS, and we promise that we work very hard for you to get ICS as soon as possible – but unfortunately we have at present no more specific date than that it will be in Q2./ / Erik”
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Samsung had reportedly been planning on releasing the ICS update for the Galaxy Note shortly after updating the Galaxy SII models. According to SamMobile, Samsung isn’t very happy with the bugs on ICS for the Galaxy SII and this may have been one of the reasons behind the delay with bringing the ICS to the Galaxy Note.

It’s certainly disappointing that we’ve been hit with yet another delay with the November-2011-released Ice Cream Sandwich firmware. However no update is better than a buggy update so I guess we’ll have to continue holding out breath until Samsung releases a stable version of the Android 4.0 for the Galaxy Note.

via Samsung Norway (Facebook), SamMobile, Android Central

Image Credit: Android Central

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