iPhone 5 Rumors Roundup

The ‘new iPad‘, iPad 3, is finally here and it’s time for us to start focusing on the next big thing – the iPhone 5.

It has been rumored that the new iPhone would feature a much thinner design and this rumor very well may be true. According to Business Insider, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek noted that Apple is working with Toshiba Mobile Display to develop a much more responsive screen with a considerably thinner body.

We believe Apple is partnering with Toshiba Mobile Display on inCell technology for potential inclusion in the iPhone 5 or beyond. Our view of inCell remains skeptical, but if they do achieve commercial yields we see this as almost as powerful a change as a move to OLED would be. It would remove the need for touch assemblies, allow them to reduce the thickness of iPhones considerably, and would enable unbelievably smooth and sensitive touch experiences for Apple devices.

In addition to the considerably thinner design, various sources suggest that the new iPhone would come equipped with a bigger screen size, most likely a 4-inch phone (up from current 3.4-inches). I currently use both the Galaxy Note and the iPhone 4S and I often do feel the obvious differences in the size of the screens. A bigger screen will not only be welcomed by Apple fans, it will pose as a serious competition against Android and Windows smartphones that current sport screen sizes that are 4.3-inches or larger.

iPhone 5 will most likely come with a glass front panel, just like its predecessors; however now with a new supplier – Corning Gorilla Glass 2, 9to5Mac reports. Introduced during CES 2012, the Gorilla Glass 2 will enable up to 20% reduction in cover glass thickness without sacrificing its durability.

As far as the design goes, speculations all point in the same direction – thinner body with a more durable glass front panel.

International Business Times does a splendid job outlining the rumors claimed so far regarding the iPhone 5 and is worth a look. However let me give you a quick overview of the notable points made in the article.

  • Improved Retina Display. Apple may replace the current qHD Retina Display with a TrueHD display.
  • Waterproof Nanotech Coating. Rumors have been pointing to Liquipel to provide waterproof coating for the new iPhone.
  • 4G LTE. With the new iPad equipped with the 4G LTE chip, there’s no question that the iPhone 5 would come with the 4G LTE capabilities as well.
  • Near Field Communication. NFC can be utilized to allow simple transactions, data exchange and connections with a touch.
  • Quad-Core Processor. The iPad 3 has been speculated to come with the A6 quad-core processor chip; however it turned out that it sports the A5X which only has improved graphics at same clock speed as the A5 chip. Apple has been rumored to be in development of 2 next-generation chips, so perhaps A6 would make its introduction with the iPhone 5.
  • Camera with 3D. Camera on smartphones are simply amazing these days. Both Apple and Android phones now sport 8 mega-pixel cameras, and with Nokia’s 808 PureView sporting a 41 mega-pixel camera, Apple has a stiff competition going forward. A 3D camera would certainly bring the camera competition to a whole new level.
  • Better Battery. Yes please. We’d like to keep things (GPS, Ping, Location Services, etc) turned ‘on’ for a change.
  • Wireless Charging. Inductive wireless charging technology may be released with the iPhone 5, enabling it to be charged without cables or plugs. Again, something that would bring the competition to a whole another level.


Final Thoughts…

Apple Logo Think DifferentApple has been a market changer, living up to its “Think Different” slogan in recent years. What is concerning, however, is the recent trend with Apple’s products. Like the iPad 3, the recent ‘upgrades’ hasn’t really been much of an upgrade. Sure the Retina Display and the 4G LTE are great but was it enough to be labeled as the ‘next generation iPad’?

I’m not saying that the iPad 2 needed a long list of upgrades. The iPad 2 is a magnificent piece of work in itself. Same goes with the iPhone 4. When the iPhone 4S was released, (apart from Siri), how excited were we?

Apple is certainly entitled to release their updates whenever they want to. However as a consumer, these minor upgrades has become more of an annoyance in recent years. The upgraded features are always ‘just enough’ to make us want to upgrade; however these recent upgrades such as the iPhone 4S and iPad 3 hasn’t been making my heart beat with excitement.

It may very well be just me, a spoiled early adopter who craves the best and the most from each upgrades a manufacturer presents to us. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll keep lining up at the Apple Store anticipating the next generation product from Cupertino; however I want to experience the heart-thumping excitement I felt with my first generation iPhone and iPad.

via Business Insider, International Business Times

Image Credit: Mashable, Wikipedia

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