Amazon Kindle Fire 6.3 Root

Amazon rolled out its latest 6.3 OTA update for the Kindle Fire yesterday and we already have a way to (re-) root our beloved e-reader / Android tablet.

Before we proceed further, Rooting may cause permanent damage to your Kindle Fire and ‘rooting’ voids any remaining warranty on the Kindle. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure you understand everything before proceeding any further – you’ve been warned! Digital Cupcake will not be responsible for any loss of data or damage to your device.

The upgrades included with the 6.3 update are:

  • Users are not able to share passages from a book using a new ‘share’ option
  • Book Extras allow users to see supplemental material about the book they’re reading, without leaving the book. Character descriptions, glossary terms, and more on immediate access.
  • Documents on Cloud. Documents stored on Amazon Cloud is now available directly from the Documents tab on the Kindle Fire. Whispersync works its magic to sync the locations, notes, and highlights, just like on Kindle books.
  • Textbooks on Kindle Fire. Students will be able to purchase textbooks to be read on the Kindle Fire. Annotations, highlights, and more functions available, all suited with Whispersync seamless syncing.
  • Reading view for Amazon Silk. Silk now has a single column reading view exclusively for the Kindle Fire.
  • Movie Rentals. Rental period for the movie begins when the user starts the movie, unlike previously where it began once the user started downloading.
  • Performance Enhancements. Faster re-connect of Wi-Fi in addition to further dimming capabilities for the Kindle Fire.
  • Breaks root. Yes, the 6.3 update will break root.

Unfortunately for those that did not take precautions against automatic updates by Amazon, the 6.3 update breaks root; however jcase of XDA Developers has already released a root for the 6.3 update.

The exploit uses the previous rooting method by pokey9000 and thankfully the process is relatively simple.

Please visit the XDA Developers forum thread for instructions on how to root your Kindle Fire running firmware version 6.3.

The root process requires that you have the Android Debug Bridge (adb) and fastboot working on your Kindle Fire. Never heard of adb? No problem, follow Lilputing’s guide to “Install ADB” on the Kindle Fire. Once you install the adb, you’re ready to continue with the rooting process.

In a nutshell, you will then take your 6.3 Kindle Fire and boot into fastboot mode, install the TWRP 2.0 (TeamWin Recovery Project 2.0) tool, push the su app that would enable root access then finally install SuperUser app to allow your apps to use the root privileges.

Good luck and enjoy the root!

Once again, rooting your tablet isn’t much of a rocket science but it can permanently brick it, so read the forum thread multiple times and make sure you understand every step before attempting the root!

via XDA Developers

Image Credit: DroidPirate

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