Today we’re featuring a Guest Post by Raja who gives recommendations for Entertainment apps for your Android device.

Android has grown considerably since its first version was first released over 3 years ago. It’s already competing on equal footing with Apple’s iOS on both smartphones and tablets, and given the more open nature of the system, it’s a much better choice for a lot of people and a lot of use cases.

Of course, no amount of clever marketing would make that possible if the OS itself wouldn’t bring something useful for its users. And Android does deliver – it is very stable, there are a lot of developers working on the new versions and there is a huge collection of apps on the marketplace, over 300,000, most of which provide a useful feature for any kind of purpose. That’s the main beauty of Android (and the phones running it) – it can be adapted to anyone’s needs and for any purpose, from a portable mobile office and Internet device, to a cash register, universal remote, or full-fledged entertainment device.

The latter category has been severely lacking in the first year, but the 2.2 version of Android has brought a lot of improvements and there are now thousands of entertainment apps for everyone to enjoy. Here is only a small selection of the best ones:


OnLive – Free

OnLive Android Google Play

OnLive is simply amazing – it allows you to play a lot of desktop and console games right on your smartphone or tablet, streaming everything from powerful servers on the cloud. You can buy the games at their retail price, in which case you get access to the latest releases, or pay for the PlayPack, which includes over 100+ classic and best games of the last decade, all of which are much, much better than the best native Android games. If you like playing games on your phone, it’s a must – but beware, many games still need a keyboard or controller to be played – the touch screen is not enough.


RockOut Guitar – Free

RockOut Guitar Android

RockOut Guitar is a very fun app to have. It lets you rock out the sounds of the best guitars and guitar players in the world, and it is great for when you’re bored and have nothing else to do or you want to impress someone with your new age guitar skills. Guitar Hero will seem overrated when you get the hang of this app!


Drum Kit – Free

Drum Kit Android

DrumKit is an app very similar to RockOut, but in many ways it is better. If you like drums or are exercising your music tempo and timing, it can sure come in handy. It does what it says: it provides a virtual drums kit for you to play, and it is much better than RockOut at it, as you can use two hands to basically simulate the beat of real drums.


ArcMedia Player – Free

arcMedia Player

ArcMedia is a great video player that supports a lot of additional codecs and file formats (compared to the default video player). You can use it to play back almost any video files you have on your computer without having to convert them first. It also supports hardware video decoding for the newer devices, so even HD video playback should be smooth and easy for .avi and .mp4 files. With ArcMedia, you can just download any video files to your phone (or put them on the microSD card) and watch them on the go!


Winamp – Free

Winamp Android Google Play

Winamp is the best music player for Windows, and now it’s finally available for Android, as well! It comes with only the best playback tools and features, no additional bloatware (like visualizations and video playback), which makes it fast and very easy to use. You can sort your music in many different ways, and you can quickly search through thousands of songs for the one track/album/artist you want.


And of course, aside from the specialized apps, there are a lot of great games for Android, which can make hours seem like minutes. If you have an Android smartphone, be sure to check out the above apps – you’ll be amazed at their possibilities. And they don’t take a lot of space or resources, either – you can have them installed side by side with your productivity and office tasks without any issues!


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