Instagram for Android - My phone isn't compatible!

Update 4/20/12 Only been a day and Instagram releases yet another update. Slated as version 1.0.6, this version allows Lux on supported Samsung Galaxy Ace devices as well as ‘various bug fixes and improvements’. The Update is available on Google Play.

Update 4/19/12 Another update by Instagram Android folks. The version is 1.0.5 now offers added support for the Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) and additional bug fixes for some Froyo devices. You should grab the update from the Google Play Store but if you don’t have access to the APK directly (i.e. Kindle Fire folks), check out this thread at XDA Developers.

Update 4/11/12 Just a heads up, folks. Instagram for Android has been updated to version 1.0.4 today and includes HTC One X support along with several more bug fixes. Hopefully this one would cure of all your problems so far!

Update 4/7/12 Post  has been updated with users’ reports on incompatible devices. Also Instagram for Android has been updated to version 1.0.3 that brings a number of fixes and support for users. Check out the post here.

Pinned as one of the most highly anticipated app in 2012, Instagram for Android has finally launched and it’s already surpassed more than 1 million downloads just within 24 hours. Android users are rejoicing, well most of them, and the release enraged quite a few number of (#elitist) iPhone users.

This is not to say that the Instagram for Android has not been without problems – it seems like initial releases these days almost always follow with a quick bugfix update…am I the only one that finds this ‘trend’ peculiar? Instagram developers promptly released an update to improve compatibility after reports of the social photo sharing app not working on certain devices…and while it seems to have resolved the issue for many, there are still folks out there that are having issues with the app.


Instagram not compatible [XDA Developers Forum]

ProficienTICS @XDA Developers Forum

“Your device is not compatible with this version”

Many users appear to be getting this message when they try to install the photo-sharing app. While Instagram does state that the app is compatible with non-tablet devices running “Android 2.2 and above that supports OpenGL ES 2,” the problem is spread across even users with the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Nexus. The Verge reports that while the app works fine on the HTC One S, Instagram refuses to work properly with the HTC One X – they suspect that One X’s Tegra 3 processor is responsible for this.

ProficienTICS, a user over at XDA Developers forums, apparently experienced the incompatible issue with his/her Galaxy Nexus and it looks like if you’ve modded your DPI settings on your Galaxy Nexus, Instagram may tag your phone as incompatible with the app. Other Galaxy Nexus users using stock ROMs do seem to be enjoying their experiences, however.

When we asked Instagram about problems users have been experiencing, they referred to the Known Issues section on and here are some of these issues that Instagram developers are currently working to fix.

  • Crash when applying a filter – some users have fixed this issue by increasing the camera resolution setting on their device (the default resolution setting on some devices is set too low for Instagram to work properly)
    ** Instagram uses OpenGL ES 2 technology to power the filters, so if your device does not support OpenGL ES 2, you will not be able to apply these filters.
  • Applying filter results in black image – images appear as black or grey square. Instagram is working on this one. Please send them an e-mail if you’re one of the folks experiencing this issue, to help them resolve the issue faster.
  • Photo is too small error – You may be attempting to upload an image below the resolution supported by the app. This issue may also be caused by cropping the image below a certain resolution as well.
  • Places screen doesn’t show any locations – If you don’t see any locations while selecting a place to associate with your photo (“Geotagged”), make sure you’ve enabled location for Instagram.
    Exit Instagram > Open Settings > Tap Location and Security > Use GPS Satellites or Use Wireless Networks

I still want the Instagram app on my Android…there must be way, right?

Well…never say never. I’ve been through a number of “Your device is not compatible…” messages while trying to install an app that I knew to be clearly compatible with my Amazon Kindle Fire.

Android devices, unlike iOS, have a wonderful(?) alternative method to install apps onto our devices – APK installations, and yes are Instagram Android APK that you could download and install on your device.

APK Downloader

Disclaimer: Your device ‘may not’ be compatible after all even after side-loading the apk onto your device. Please proceed with caution and Digital Cupcake will not be responsible with any damages or loss of data on your device while attempting to install individual apks onto your device.

  • Update 4/19/12 Check out this XDA Developers forum thread for copies of current and previous APKs for Instagram Android.
    XDA Developers Instagram Android APK Thread QR Code

    XDA Developers Instagram Android APK Thread QR Code


  • If you’re comfortable with downloading APK made available by a third party, check out the posts on HackTabs and UltraLinx. They provide links to their Instagram Android APKs that you could install onto your device.

    HackTabs Instagram Android APK

    HackTabs Instagram Android APK QR Code

    UltraLinx Instagram Android APK

    UltraLinx Instagram Android APK QR Code


  • If you prefer to download the APK yourself, you could follow the instructions over on Code Kiem Com and install the APK Downloader on your Google Chrome browser.


It is still quite unknown which devices are and aren’t working with the new Instagram for Android app. Would you let us know in comments if your phone is not working (or working!) with the app? Thanks and happy snapping pics!

[Update: If you could also give us info on if it WON’T OPEN or FORCE CLOSES, we’d appreciate it!!]


Sidenote: Evidently Amazon Kindle Fire that does NOT have a camera and is a tablet ‘IS’ compatible with the Instagram for Android app. Oh the irony.


Update. Here’s a list of devices that our readers have been reporting to be not working. [Updated regularly]

  • Huawei U8180 @Ruby @Gaby – It appears like the U8180 does not support OpenGL ES 2.0 (doesn’t have GPU?) hence why it may not be compatible with the Instagram Android app.
  • Sony Xperia Neo @Niffkragoth – worked with first version, not working with 2nd version update.
  • (?) Kindle Fire @Shahid. Mohd – force close upon opening…however works fine on Digital Cupcake’s Kindle Fire.
  • (?) Samsung Galaxy S @Briones Tony23should be compatible but it isn’t? Anyone else with this issue?
    @Skye Morgan Jameson – Another report with regards to Galaxy S
  • (?) Samsung Galaxy S II @Katieekinzz – Again, should be compatible however incompatible?
  • Sony Ericsson Live @Jayson Casanova – First version worked, then friend with Live claims incompatible with most recent version.
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus @Jonathan Lalremruata – Not the first report of Galaxy Nexus issues. Modded DPI makes Instagram incompatible but for stock versions as well?
  • HTC Magic @Hana – Not compatible; however when sideloaded, app crashes upon applying filters. No OpenGL ES 2.0 support, hence filters, at least, aren’t supported.
  • Samsung Transform @Heymelii – OpenGL ES is not supported with this phone. ” the Transform’s S3C6410 processor doesn’t support hardware acceleration for OpenGL.” via Engadget
  • Samsung Galaxy Y @yougotme – Android 2.3, check. OpenGL ES 2.0 support check. Apparently these aren’t enough for Instagram Android and is officially noted as incompatible by Instagram Support. Check this thread on XDA Developers for more details and updates.
  • Sony Xperia S @Boklai – Supposedly some users are experiencing issues after installing Instagram directly from the phone. Try installing the app from the Google Play store on the web. via XDA Developers
  • Samsung Intercept @Kris – Intercept comes with Android 2.1/2.2 without OpenGL ES 2.0 support. If the phone does have Android 2.2, perhaps sideloading the app using the APK file manually could resolve the issue.
  • (?) Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G @Portcityprime – A few other users are also reporting that the Nexus S running ICS 4.0.4 is noted as ‘incompatible’ when the users try to update the Instagram app although the app worked fine with previous versions. Perhaps trying to sideload or accessing Google Play from a computer could help. Any further updates would be appreciated.
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 @Lauren – Supposedly one of the known list of incompatible phones with Instagram, just like how the HTC One X was…
  • HTC Hero @Trish – Sideload the Instagram Android APK onto the phone! Not compatible with filters, however, but everything else works!
  • HTC Thunderbolt @Zacharyb2297
  • HTC MyTouch 4G (T-Mobile) @Newnew_holmes @Kate Amirault – “Weirdly, my older version of the phone is fine with it, which had 2.2. It broke and they sent me a new one with 2.3.4 on it and now I can’t reinstall Instagram because the device isn’t compatible. Sad.”
  • Samsung Transformer 3G  @Angelsaldivar5
  • Huawei M835 @pineapple

Update. Here’s a general guideline as to which phones support OpenGL ES 2.0 that’s required for the Instagram Android app:

“OpenGL ES 2.x is supported in most smartphones released after mid-2010, except low-end ones. This includes iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd generation (PowerVR SGX535 GPU), Samsung Galaxy S (PowerVR SGX540 GPU), HTC Legend, Samsung Galaxy Ace (Qualcomm MSM7227 GPU), Nexus One (Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset / Adreno >= 200 GPU)… []”


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