Today’s guest post features Guest Author Shannen who discusses about an interesting technology that may very well redraw how we deal with cellular phone receptions in the future.

No Cellular Phone Reception

Cell Phone Antennas

Every cell phone uses an antenna to pick cellular signals so that cell phone users can communicate with one another. These antennas are built within the cell phones. However, older cell phones had antennas outside the phone. These resembled a car antenna for receiving radio signal. But nowadays, all cell phone antennas are designed to be within the phone.

If you are unable to receive calls, then you need an additional antenna to fix the problem. However, it is quite time-consuming. Furthermore, it does not guarantee that it will enhance cell phone reception. Therefore, cell phone users search for ways to replace cell phone antennas.

Tiny Antenna replaces Cell Phone TowersTiny Antennas Can Replace Cell Phone Towers

Various IT companies are looking into the matter with serious concerns. Some bring varied solutions to the problem. For instance, one such solution is to make landscapes clutter-free by eliminating cell phone towers from them. This is possible if tiny antennas replace these towers. These antennas are in a form of small cubes that can be placed indoors as well as outdoors.

Spray-On Antenna System Can Replace Cell Phone Antennas

Most of us have difficulty in receiving calls in our area. Sometimes antennas do not provide proper signals when you make a phone call. This also depends on whether you can send signals from your area or not. Whatever the reason is, there should be something that can replace cell phone antennas.

Spray-on antenna is a new technology that replaces cell phone antennas. It will help you receive phone calls without any network distraction. Chamtech Enterprises is a Utah company that has designed “Spray-on-antenna kit”. This new technology claims that it increases the cell phone signal functionality by 10% as compared to the traditional antennas.

Spray on AntennaIs It A Reality?

Although it is a new technology that seems quite unrealistic, the most unbelievable fact is that a spray can replace cell phone antennas well. Its surface consists of over thousand nano-capacitors. When these nano-capacitors are aligned together, cell phone users can make a wireless antenna. This antenna is designed to use wireless devices. Additionally, if you have the right cable internet providers, you can use the Internet too.

Chamtech Enterprises claims that users can spray on different surfaces to see the results. For instance, you can spray on the building that does not receive network signals. After spraying, you will see a great difference in network signals. You will be receiving calls from the building that previously did not let you respond to your phone calls.

How Spray-On Antenna Works

Before reaching a large segment of customers, the company conducted several tests to determine if the spray-on-antenna works effectively. In one test, the IT personnel checked the range of network signals facilitated by the spray. In order to do this, they sprayed on a tree. They analyzed that they could send a signal that was fourteen miles away.

The company predicts that due to the uniqueness of this technology, it will have a lot of practical use. For instance, if you want to enhance your cell phone signals, then you can spray directly on your cell phone. Eventually, it will enable you to receive phone calls without any noise.

Another way to use a spray-on-antenna is to use it as a mobile antenna. Just spray it in your car and it will catch the network signals quickly. This technology can replace traditional antennas in the future. Moreover, it can replace towers as well.

Spray on Antenna Applications


The Best Facilitator in Rainy Days

Technology has seen a lot of advancements. However, if you are outside and it starts raining, you are stuck with rain. You cannot make a single phone call because you already know that there are no network signals. Regardless of the cable internet providers, you cannot have access to the Internet.  But now, it is easy to communicate even on a rainy day. Spray-on-antenna works well even under the sea. This indicates that it is safe to spray on watery surfaces as well.

As nothing works in rain, customers will most likely prefer spray on-antenna over ordinary cell phone antennas. In addition to that, it also works well if you spray it on a wet fabric. This is mainly because of the fact that it makes use of organic elements.

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