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Update 4/20/12 Only been a day and Instagram releases yet another update. Slated as version 1.0.6, this version allows Lux on supported Samsung Galaxy Ace devices as well as ‘various bug fixes and improvements’. The Update is available on Google Play.

Update 4/19/12 Another update by Instagram Android folks. The version is 1.0.5 now offers added support for the Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) and additional bug fixes for some Froyo devices. You should grab the update from the Google Play Store but if you don’t have access to the APK directly (i.e. Kindle Fire folks), check out this thread at XDA Developers.

Update 4/11/12 Just a heads up, folks. Instagram for Android has been updated to version 1.0.4 today and includes HTC One X support along with several more bug fixes. Hopefully this one would cure of all your problems so far!

Instagram for Android launched on April 3, 2012 and the popular social photo sharing app is already on its third update, version 1.0.3. Kudos to our friendly developers at Instagram for their hard work to bring better experience for the users!

The 1.0.3 Upgrade brings you the following:

  • Open up support for Tablets and WiFi handsets (such as Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi)
  • Allow app installation on SD card
  • Fix audio mute bug during capture
  • Several small bug fixes and improvements
The update is available on Google Play so head on over, or you could simply tag the Instagram Android QR Code at the bottom of this post.

Unfortunately it looks like the problem with the HTC One X is still out there, so if you’re one of the folks that own One X…you’re going to have to sit tight for now. This update, however opens up the much desired Instagram experience to many more devices such as tablets!

The app works flawlessly on my Amazon Kindle Fire so far. It crashes when I choose ‘Camera’ as my image source but…well that’s expected isn’t it? Foolish for me to even try it. That said, being that the Kindle Fire supports OpenGL ES 2, applying filters on existed images isn’t an issue as well!

Are there any external cameras that I could use with my Kindle Fire…just for kicks?

Have fun Instagramming!

Instagram for Android app QR code

Instagram Android QR Code

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