For most, the choice is clear on what team they are on: Apple, Google, or Blackberry. Constantly striving to put out the best mobile phone apps for their customers, it’s no wonder that we’re stuck in the middle of an app store war. And behind that war, no doubt, is an SEO company on each team, working hard to get maximum exposure.

So, just who’s winning the war? It depends on how you look at it. This infographic makes it easy to see it from all sides.

Brief History Lesson

Looking back four years ago, we see that Apple changed the way people use smart phones forever. Or better yet, electronics. With six other app stores popping up over the next three years after Apple launched theirs, only two are able to keep the leader on their toes. Those two are Google and Blackberry. These three major players consist of 90% of the mobile phone app market.

Rollin’ in the Dough

There’s no question everyone wants to take a bite out of the app industry. With revenue from mobile apps at an estimated $15.1 billion in 2011, there’s no slowing down anytime soon with the app store war. That amount can feed the entire world’s hungry for one year plus. Google’s app store is growing 5 times faster than Apple, since they offer a large selection of free apps, but the iPhone leads the way in the number of paid apps that are downloaded every year.

Keep Them Downloading!

With the average user downloading 33 apps for their phone, it’s no wonder the major players are constantly thinking of new apps to bring to the market. The app store war is on. New products are entering into the market every few months, and these heavy hitters are paving the way and opening the door: more and more independent developers are making some serious cash on their apps.

Now you know about the history of mobile phone apps, expand your horizons and consider learning more about how an SEO company gets creative in marketing these major players.

Post written by guest blogger Shane.

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