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I love Lifehacker and it has provided me with great reading over the years. I have put together some of the tips I have found the most useful recently.

Make a speaker for tablets and smartphones

Plastic Cup Speakers iPad iPhone

For some of us owning a smartphone or tablet are expensive enough. So when these perfectly designed items then need additional extras you simply can’t afford to buy them. One of the main gripes I have is the awful external speakers. They work okay(ish) in a perfectly silent room however, the only way to get the volume you want is to plug in. I don’t always like wearing headphones, sometimes I like hearing what else is going on around so I would prefer to use external speakers.

If like me you would rather do this then a quick and cheap way to amplify the sound is to use a plastic cup. A bog standard plastic cup. It is really easy to cut a hole in the bottom of the cup t place over the speaker, and then tape it on. The cup only will amplify the sound quite considerably. Hey it won’t give you the best quality sound but at least you will be able to hear it.


Ice cube tray sauces

Ice cube tray sauces Lifehacker

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a cook then the chances are you don’t like to use shop bought sauces. The problem is that after a long day at work at is difficult to get motivated to cook up fresh sauce. Made even worse by the fact that if your fridge is running on empty and lacking fresh food, the chances cooking up a gem is unlikely.

The easy solution to this is to cook a batch of sauce when you have just been to the shop – get it over and done within one big hot! Along the lines of nice fresh basil pesto for example and when cool put it an ice tray. Then you can freeze it and when needed you have some handy portion sized sauces. The benefit from being in cubes:

  1. Quick defrost time
  2. Portion sized
  3. Adaptable – if you need more sauce then use another cube
  4. Small amount of waste

So free yourself from supermarket bland sauces, by a cook book and get freezing. Oh and this is also good for things like cookie dough, so make and freeze a batch then if you want a treat it is really easy for you to make some fresh cookies.


Staple Key Rings

Staple Key Rings Lifehacker

This is not the most exciting tip but it is something that could prevent you from the pain of adding a new key to your key ring. The number of times I have trapped tweaked and squashed my finger in one of the key holders. That is presuming you can actually prise the thing open. One simple solution to this is to grab a staple remover and prise that ring open with it. Easy and once you know this trick you will always use it.


Starting a compost bin


Being a man of a slightly green ilk I wanted to start to use my kitchen scraps to make compost. One tip on Lifehacker post points out that you can give your new compost bin a good start by using the power of cola. No need to buy the real thing here any old brand will do. Basically add a small bottle of cola to your compost heap to help attract the beasties that will turn your waste into wonderful compost. They will be drawn to the sweetness and as an added bonus the citrus acid will help break the food. It beats the normal other uses for cola you here for cola like being a great toilet cleaner.


Floor dents and your iron

Floor dents and your iron Lifehacker

It even feels daft writing this when I know it works, but it is possible to iron out small dents in wooden flooring. It just sounds all wrong doesn’t it! However I can testify that it does work, it won’t completely remove the dent but it does make it considerably better. So how do you do it?

Easy, wet the floor where the dent is. Put a damp cloth over the wet floor patch and iron it. You will need the iron the floor for longer than you think too, a good 3-5 minutes is required. If you have real wood floorboards then you should see that the dent has faded in a rather satisfying manner. Just don’t try it out on laminate flooring, you melt it!


Laptop docks for next to nothing

DIY laptop stand

If you have limited desk space then having a dock for your laptop is pretty essential. It gets it all out of the way and leaves you with a tidier desk. The problem is that some of the docks cost a fortune, all to hold your laptop securely.

Well if you don’t mind spending the a few qui on a cheap chopping board stand. This will do just a good a job at holding a laptop as it does with a chopping board at a fraction of the cost.


I have saved my favourite tip for last.

Comb to keep nail steady Lifehacker

Use a comb to hold up a nail when hammering. Simple and very effective.



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