iPhone 5 leaked home buttons

Spotting Apple parts in the wild prior to any launch has become a more a trend recently and this time isn’t an exception. Macrumors reports that a Chinese parts vendor, TVC-Mall is supposedly offering “iPhone 5” Home Buttons for sale in both black and white.

iPhone 5 home buttons front

The buttons appear to have a slightly different shape from those used on the iPhone 4S – the iPhone 5 button is rectangular in shape with rounded corders with the same round Home button sticking up in the center. The Home buttons for previous iPhones were cut closely to its circle-shape with wings attached to its sides.

The changes appear only to be evident from the inside, so users are not expected to notice any differences when the iPhone 5 releases.

iPhone 5 home buttons back

Rumors about touch-based Home buttons for the next generation iPhones and iPads have surfaced from time to time; however it appears like Apple will stick with the one-physical-button scheme for these portable Apple devices, at least for now.

Personally, the capacitive buttons like those of Samsung Galaxy phones are much cooler than physical buttons. However when it comes to holding the phone, no matter how hard I try, my fingers end up touching the buttons somehow. Being able to hold my iPhone comfortably and without the fear of inadvertently pressing the Home button is definitely a plus for me. I, for one, prefer to have a physical button to press rather than glide my finger over a button – it’s just one button after all.

Unfortunately for us, the change to the design does not shine light on anything in particular with respect to its new design. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more leaked parts in the coming months as we had prior to the launch of the new iPad, however for the time being it appears like we’ll have to sit tight for a little while longer for a better understanding of what the next generation iPhone 5 has in store for us.

Until then, check out the iPhone 5 rumor roundup that we posted a while ago.

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via MacRumors

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