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Now that every technical device in the world from your phone to your toaster oven has the ability to play music, owning a separate iPod or MP3 player can feel a little bit like overkill.  However, there are still really great reasons why you should hold on to that MP3 player for now.  You’d be surprised at all the opportunities that a separate MP3 player affords you.

College Parties

Party iPod Silhouette

At some point, every college student throws their own party.  Sometimes it’s a huge big deal and sometimes it is just a couple of friends getting together to drink for the weekend.  Either way, the only difference between hanging out and a party is music.  If you have to turn off the music every time you need to take a call, people are going to get really bored, really fast.  Having an MP3 player and some speakers are going to set everyone at ease.  Also, you’ll mind a lot less when drunk people play with your music if it is on your MP3 player and not on your personal phone.


Conserving Power

iPhone Battery Panic Attack

It might seem a possibility relegated to far distant future right now, but sooner or later you are going to be dating someone and actually want to talk to them on the phone.  When that happens, you are never going to have enough battery in your phone.  Using your phone as an MP3 player takes a lot of extra power.  When you would normally get around 40 hours of sweet talking in before you need to recharge, you are going to find your phone chirping after only 4.  Don’t kill your phone prematurely and save that extra power for more important things – like Tetris.


Avoiding Butt-Dial

Exercising with an iPod

If you like to run and exercise to music, you have probably been using an MP3 player for years.  When it comes to exercise, MP3 players are very useful, phones are not.  All that moving around with a touch-sensitive electronic device is bound to push a few wrong buttons.  When you accidentally set off your MP3 player, it’s not such a big deal.  If you accidentally dial into your phone and butt-dial your boss, you might feel a little bit differently.  Don’t let yourself get caught sending your crush a message that sounds a lot like your belly fat jiggling to peppy music and keep the MP3 player for exercise.


Transferring Info

iPod Marware USB Travel Dock

Although you can now email, take photos, and surf the internet from your phone, most phones are not intended as an extension of a computer.  They can sync with computers, but they do it reluctantly and not very effectively.  MP3 players, in all their simplicity, are much better at this.  If you have information that you really want to transfer to another computer, then loading it up on your MP3 player can be much simpler than trying to shrink the file down small enough to email from your phone.


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