Great iPhone Games Review April

Many cool new games for Apple‘s iPhones were released this April, and it would take us a huge article to mention all of them. That’s why we chose the best three games that were released during the last month – they’re certainly worthy of your attention.

One of these games comes with stunning graphics, the other is the mobile version of a very famous PC game, and the third is just an addictive game you won’t be able to easily turn off. And here they are:


1. Max Payne Mobile

I doubt there is anyone in the world who reads blogs and has never heard about Max Payne – the famous PC game that has conquered the hearts of thousands gamers. Now this shooter game is finally available on Apple’s devices, too! It costs only $2.99 and is 1.11 GB, so you’ll need a good amount of free space to play it. The mobile version of the game is about an ex-cop who has lost everything… now’s the time to set the things right! The game also offers rather nice graphics – not as great as you can see in some modern PC games, but still rather good for a mobile game. Here’s a screenshot, check it out!

Max Payne Mobile iPhone

The game works on both iPhone and iPad, and they say an Android version is also coming soon.


2. Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow – the next game in our list of best games of April 2012 – boasts of cooler graphics than Max Payne, just have a look at the screenshot below:

Dark Meadow iPhone

Dark Meadow is a first person hack and slash game with some RPG elements, its stunning graphics provided by the Unreal 3 engine. It also offers an interesting storyline – you’ll get up in a strange haunted hospital, and you’ll have to find out what’s going on there and why. Armed with a crossbow and courage, you’ll have to face the minions of a mysterious witch and explore the world around.

The game is 547 MB and can be downloaded from iTunes for $5.99. There’s an Android version, too, and it’s free.


3. Gunman Clive

The third game in our list, Gunman Clive, doesn’t have the stunning graphics of Dark Meadow or the famous name of Max Payne, yet it’s a really nice and addictive game that deserves to be mentioned among the best games of this month.

Simple but recognizable design, 3D graphics, “Wild Wild West” atmosphere, 16 levels to go through to save the girl who had been kidnapped – this is what Gunman Clive will offer you.

Gunman Clive iPhone Android

The iPhone version of the game is available on iTunes for $1.99. There’s an Android version, too, and on Google Play you can find it for $2.08. By the way, the Android version is optimized especially for Sony’s Xperia Play.


If there’s a great game among this month’s releases we didn’t include in this list, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll mention it in upcoming article about iPhone games!