Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon’s Cloud Drive service just launched its Desktop App for Windows and Mac today.

The Cloud service by the online retail giant launched in March of last year, enabling users to create a digital music locker – simply upload music onto the Cloud to be streamed directly onto a mobile device or a desktop computer using the Amazon Cloud Player.

Amazon Cloud Drive Mac

With the new Desktop App, access to your digital library becomes ever more convenient – for starters, you could simply drag and drop files and folders to the Cloud Drive icon for uploading digital content onto your cloud space. For Windows users, right-clicking on the file provides an option to ‘Send to Amazon Cloud Drive’.

While syncing unfortunately is currently not supported, all upload and download process are done seamlessly in the background. Need to shut down the computer for a bit? No problem. Amazon Cloud Drive picks up where you left off with the uploads and downloads.

Extra storage is always welcome in this digital age of things and Amazon provides free 5GB of space with paid subscription options available. If you want to sign up or have signed up already, grab your copy of the Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop App over on Amazon!

  • Easily upload your photos, documents, videos and other files
  • Drag and drop files and folders to the Cloud Drive icon
  • Right-click any file or folder and send to Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Easy download of one or more files and folders from Cloud Drive
  • Uploads and downloads run in the background
  • Continue using your computer as you normally would, the app can handle restarts and lost internet connections without losing your data
  • You can pause and resume at any time

Amazon Cloud Drive, with its Desktop App, now joins a lineup of Cloud Storage solutions such as Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Drive and more.

So tell us. What cloud service do you use and what’s your favorite? Dropbox still wins in my book especially with its wide compatibility with iOS apps. There are just so many options available now that it’s beginning to get a little overwhelming with all the flavors we’re offered…#FirstWorldProblems


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