While other search engines exist, it is not uncommon to hear “just Google it.” Google is no longer just a search engine; it is a fixture in pop culture. It receives one billion unique visitors, or one in seven people from around the world, per month. Google visitors spend 380,265,176 years on Google per month. In order to accommodate the masses, Google uses 260 million watts of electricity and two billion kilowatt-hours worth of energy. In other words, Google spends electricity at the rate of one-fourth of a nuclear plant, and it uses fifty percent of the energy that the Hoover Dam generates in a year.

In 2010, Google had accumulated $29.3 billion in revenue. This figure is more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of twenty-eight countries, including Belize, Dominica and Samoa. Even though Google sells a slew of products, ninety-seven percent of its revenue comes from advertising. While many predict that mobile advertising will be a huge revenue generator, Google’s AdWords makes up a significant portion of the revenue. The most prized AdWords keywords are insurance, loans, mortgage, attorney and credit.

From: Business MBA

Infographic Google Behind the Numbers