Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5

In the analysis mentioned below, we review the technical qualities that have made Samsung Galaxy S3 in pursuit to a strong challenge for Apple’s iPhone 5. However, within the software the battle seems to be much fiercer.

Bridging the gap between Android and iOS, we review the unique capabilities that Samsung has incorporated into its Galaxy S3 to improve the experience of Ice Cream Sandwich compared to what Apple has to offer in operating system of the next iPhone 5.

Siri vs S-Voice: less sophisticated, but polyglot

Samsung Galaxy S3 S-Voice vs Apple iPhone 5 Siri

First, we cannot neglect others but by what has been the hallmark of the iPhone 4S so far is the voice aid, Siri. This time, the new Galaxy S3 presents S-Voice. It may be true that is not as sophisticated as Siri, but its release in multi-language, and specifically with Spanish among those recognised, both in its Latin America and “Iberian” puts the height of the proposed Apple, even somewhat in danger.


AirPlay vs AllShare

Samsung Galaxy S3 AllShare vs Apple iPhone 5 AirPlay

Other interesting features of the system are the Direct Call, when the contact is selected on screen only approaching the phone to the ear will start the call. AllShareCast and AllSharePlay, with which we can make the familiar “mirroring” through which Apple with its AppleTV boasts about the SmartTV to watch movies or handle some applications with the phone as a commanding device for games.


Applies NFC to do more than to Pay; so will Apple?

Samsung Galaxy S3 NFC Visa

As we mentioned, Samsung has become reality and some of the features that you would expect for the iPhone, NFC is the surely the top priority. Specifically that of S Beam is a quick and easy way to synchronise and share content with other devices just by approximating the two devices.


A Camera that packs more mega-pixels

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera vs Apple iPhone Camera

The multimedia section is one of the great workhorses of the Samsung Galaxy S3 against the iPhone 5. With 8MP camera and some more interesting new features have given great charm to this element. Rapid bursts at a rate of 3.3 frames per second; or Buddy Photo, which recognises who is in the photo and allows you to upload a photo labeled to Facebook or send email to the contact, it’s so interesting (and dangerous in case of party nights).

Seeing that on the iPhone 4S you have to “hack” the camera to find ways in the pan, beyond that Apple has not been characterised yet for offering this kind of fun features, in addition to this the capture rate of existing iPhone cameras is, at least, questionable. But not only the posterior chamber, but the front of Galaxy S3 has more functions than just video calling, which can be up to 720p, well above what Apple currently offers.


Samsung joins forces with Dropbox as Apple shields iCloud

Samsung Galaxy S3 Dropbox vs Apple iPhone iCloud

Synchronisation in the cloud comes from the handy agreement with Dropbox for Samsung Galaxy S3 for which users will get 50GB to store entire contents online in the terminal and keep it synchronised with other devices. While Apple has remained unmoved by the other functions, this seems to have hurt, and now with news of App Store rejecting applications using Dropbox service. Therefore, the battle between the known and iCloud service also seems to take on Samsung and Apple, which does not seem willing to cede the ground of its users against the iPhone 5.


Scan and Match, the answer to iTunes

Samsung Galaxy S3 Scan and Match vs Apple iPhone iTunes

Finally, Samsung also wants to raise its alternative to iTunes with its own musical synchronisation service, which can be seen in the Galaxy S3 by the name of ‘Scan and Match’ and integrated into the Music Hub. This also hosts the new media player Pebble Galaxy S3, and its function is to scan your hard drive for music and add those items that you have stored in a shared library for all your devices (tablet, SmartTV, smartphone, etc).


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