Apple iPhone 5 Concept Design

Taking ideas and various rumors from online sources the latest concept design prepared by Federico Ciccarese at Ciccare design for iPhone 5 shows a slim and sleek iPhone with curved back so as to easily fit in the palm of a hand. The new image of the iPhone looks quite groovy, sexy and smashing and can be said to resemble a bigger and sleeker magic mouse launched by Apple earlier.

People relying on this concept design are quite curious if the new iPhone will in fact be of a total new shape as Apple has never used a curvy design specially not for iPhone at least. The previous iPhones showed slight curves and prominent rectangular designs but the rumors and the design based gives an idea that this iPhone will break free the trends of those traditional designs and will be based on a total new look which will be a big curve and even the display will be curved.

Apple iPhone 5 Concept @Ciccarese Design

Looking closely at the concept design the new trend lines set in this iPhone is quite different and unique, more on this is claimed to be an eco friend device. Towards the top side of the iPhone it’s said there will be volume control keys and towards the bottom side will be the audio jack. This shift of the jack will prove beneficial for all those users who previously had issues due to use of wired earphones. Therefore this move can be said to be a smart and positive step from the company. Even the placing of the camera has been shifted to the center of the back side instead of the extreme left which was present in the iPhone 4S and also few others.

Another feature which is being shown in the designs is an Apple logo at the backside of the iPhone can light up. This indeed calls for a “WOW!!!” expression. This feature might be quite welcoming by the iPhone users as it will look quite sophisticated and cute.

Apple iPhone 5 Concept Ciccarese Design

Anyhow these are the potential information which can be accumulated when browsing through gizmowatch, the concept designs of iPhone 5. It should be remembered that the concept design is not prepared from the reports of officials of Apple but are based on merely online rumors. Hence there can be no clear picture about the look of iPhone 5 and it’s quite possible that the change in this new iPhone might be minute and the overall change in the designs which is being anticipated by all the potential buyers, Apple fans or tech geeks might not be met.