Amazon Kindle Fire Jelly Bean

Google has begun rolling out its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates to its Galaxy Nexus line of devices – the Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet will be the first and only tablet to receive the Jelly Bean treatment for now…or will it?

Amazon Kindle Fire users are able to join in on some Jelly Bean action, thanks to XDA member Hashcode who just posted an AOSP based Jelly Bean ROM. Mind you that this is a beta release so there are a few features that currently aren’t working, such as HD codecs for YouTube and Netflix, for now. Hashcode notes that these issues will be fixed shortly after Texas Instruments updates the libion code for the Jelly Bean.

– HD codecs (YouTube and Netflix): Texas Instruments is updating the libion code for JB and I’ll be fixing that soon.
– Probably more as we find it — it’s BETA.. expect some.

– AOSP likes to over rotate the screen when you change position. I have a patch for frameworks/base to fix it but hey.. it’s AOSP.. CM10 will already have it patched.
– UMS.. I have no idea where to turn on UMS in this damn ROM. Tell me if you find it. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that by rooting your Kindle Fire will void your manufacturer’s warranty and either or both rooting and flashing ROMs on your device may risk a possibility of bricking (rendering useless) your device. Digital Cupcake is NOT responsible for any bricked devices. Please make sure that you fully understand the risks before proceeding further. Rooting and flashing is your decision, not ours.

To install the ROM, simply download the ROM and Gapps from the links below from the original thread post, flash into recovery, wipe data/cache and reboot. Once you’ve rebooted you’ll run into issues with your WiFi. You’ll need adb to get the WiFi working with this release – simply:

adb shell

Good luck and enjoy!

Source: XDA


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