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Lady Gaga has gone beyond Twitter and Facebook to connect with her fans. The eccentric superstar has started her own social network and it’s now ready for anyone to join.

Named after her affectionate term for her fans, Little Monsters was launched earlier this year in private beta. The previously invite-only site is now open to everyone, so people from all around the globe can sign up to connect with other Lady Gaga fans – not to mention the singer herself.

For example, one fan already posted a photo on the site of her new Gaga-inspired tattoo — which Gaga gave the thumbs-up to by “liking” the post. The comments section subsequently exploded with excitement from fans, giddy with connectivity.

The success of the social networking site has people wondering about the potential of similar platforms for other celebrities, particularly those who have outgrown the standard social networking sites.

Lady Gaga Twitter QueenLady Gaga currently holds the record of being the most popular person on Twitter with over 26 million followers, followed closely by Justin Bieber with over 24 million followers. Gaga also has close to 53 million “likes” on Facebook – more than Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, and even God.


Backplane logoThe company that created the site, Backplane, was co-founded by Gaga’s manager, and the singer herself is also a major investor in the company. This has tongues wagging over the potentially exponential earnings Gaga could rake in if the site inspires other celebs to contract the company to create their own social networking site.

The front page of the site welcomes its Little Monsters “home” and encourages them to share their “passion and creativity in a community full of art, acceptance, monsters and Gaga.”  To access the site, users can sign up via their Facebook account, Twitter account, or simply using their email address.

Lady Gaga Little Monsters Signup Page

The site’s interface is similar to Facebook, including an inbox for private messages, status updates, and the ability to add friends from all over the world who share a love of Lady Gaga. Unlike other social networks, Little Monsters features an assortment of intimate photos of the pop star that you won’t easily find elsewhere on the web – including snapshots of Gaga eating, smoking, and accidentally flashing the public.

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Social networking sites geared toward specific interests have been popping up a lot recently. For example, the site Kyck connects soccer fans in a social networking platform with curated content.

Kyck - Futbol Social Network

The trend in interest-specific social networking sites is only expected to increase. Tech Crunch chalks this up to the focus on expanding one’s network outside of people we know to include people with whom we share common interests.

“Interest-based social networks have a markedly different focus and approach than Facebook. [They] enable users to focus and organize around their interests first, whereas Facebook focuses on a user’s personal relationships…. These new interest-based social networks enable users to express their interests in new, engaging ways and offer authentic, high value connectivity with new people we don’t already know.”


Are you on Little Monsters?


About the Author:  Lisa does not describe herself as a “little monster”, but finds the concept of Lady Gaga’s social network fascinating.  When she isn’t exploring the depths of the web, she is a full time blogger for, home of the best deals on Dish internet packages.


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