Samsung Galaxy S3 leads iPhone 4S

Smartphone ranking 2012The Samsung Galaxy S3 was officially released in May 2012 and appeared in most countries in the beginning of June, but it has already managed to become one of the best-sellers on the smartphone market, outselling even the Apple iPhone 4S that was released more than half a year ago. I think this is not surprising at all, since the Galaxy S3 has come to replace the previous best phone on the market, the Galaxy S2, and it beats the iPhone 4S in all aspects.

It’s interesting that Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is number 3 now, which is not bad for a phone released ages ago (February, 2011, to be more precise). Then comes the HTC One X, one of the few quad-core smartphones on the market, which is almost as powerful as the Galaxy S3 but presumably isn’t as popular.

The fifth and sixth positions on the list are taken by… Samsung’s Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Note. And though we can easily understand why people buy the Galaxy Note (unusual device, one of the first phablets and so on), the fact the mid-range Galaxy Ace is still so popular is a bit surprising. Perhaps people buy it because it offers the best possible features for quite a low price. I guess for the same reason the HTC One S is the seventh on the list – it’s a low-end phone, yet quite a good one for its price.

The only Windows Phone-based device that appeared among the best-sellers of the year is the Nokia Lumia 800 – it’s number 8 on the list.

Finally, Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G S are the ninth and tenth respectively.

So what do we have here? Among ten most popular phones of 2012, the first three are high-end smartphones that cost rather much, but offer very good features. Two cheap mid-range smartphones have also managed to enter the list – after all, not everyone wants a powerful phone and not everyone is ready to pay $700 for it. Four out of ten phones are manufactured by Samsung. And the experimental Galaxy Note has definitely succeeded.

Now let’s see if the things will change after the iPhone 5 is released — we expect much from it, after all.

Source: ComputerActive, uSwitch

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