Photographing Jenson Button through a Blackberry

@altoexyl [Flickr]

If you are a BlackBerry fan then you may have dabbled in a little bit of photography, snapping pictures of friends and family while you are out and about using the standard app. However, there are plenty of more advanced programs available for true photography enthusiasts and here are 10 of the best apps that you don’t want to miss.


PixTrix – FREE

This photo-editing suite lets you add effects and filters to your images after you have captured them. It has a wide range of modifiers on offer and also has social-networking integration. This means it is easy to share your images via Facebook without having to use a separate application.

PixTrix BlackBerry App


LensBoost – $1.99

This app is one of the most popular after-effects programs for BlackBerry. It follows in the footsteps of its competitors by letting you add vintage and retro-style filters to your photos, making them look nostalgic just seconds after you have taken them. It also applies its filters quickly, so there is no waiting around as the processing is done.

LensBoost BlackBerry



InstaPhoto – $2.99

Taking a leaf out of Instagram’s book, this image editor has 25 effects, allowing you to add popular modifications such as tilt shift to your pictures. Sharing is easy as you can tweet your pictures or upload them to your Tumblr account for more micro-blogging fun.

InstaPhoto BlackBerry


Photo Booth Pro – $0.99

If you want to turn your phone into a portable photo booth then this is the app for you. It takes four pictures in a row and presents them in a strip, letting you see the action as it progresses in front of you and save memories in a retro format.

Photo Booth Pro


BibbyCam – FREE

This photo editor is a good choice for BlackBerry users because it has one of the most intuitive interfaces available, which means first-time users will not be lost in a maze of menus and options. It also integrates sharing with LinkedIn and other social networks for convenience.



MiniFrames – $0.99

If you want to present your photos in digital frames, adding a border that is attractive and fun, then MiniFrames will be the app for you. It has plenty of different frames available and you can adjust the size and style of your photo to suit each one.

MiniFrames BlackBerry


ScreenShot – $0.99

iPhone owners are always taking screenshots of their phone and this app brings the ability to BlackBerry users. It lets you take an image of your screen no matter what you are doing and this is then stored as an easily accessible and sharable file on your phone’s storage or a memory card.

Screen Shot


MiniPaint – $1.99

This app is not all about adding filters and effects, although this is a possibility. Its real aim is to let you add text and even draw freehand on the pictures that you have taken. This will let you create truly personal images that are easy to share via social networking. Just be aware that sharing pictures can eat into your data allowance, so for sim only deals for iPhone and other devices visit to cut your costs.



Photo Editor Ultimate – $1.99

This is a photography application that will do almost anything you want with your pictures. It lets you pull in any image file stored on your BlackBerry and then the options are practically unlimited in terms of editing. It has some of the most comprehensive tools around and will definitely please those who are interested in touching up their images.

Photo Editor Ultimate


PhotoClub – FREE

This app is intended to let you turn your pictures into funny images using clip art and other additions which will augment the faces and bodies of your subjects. This is a good app to use with the kids as it is both fun and functional.



Whatever your tastes, the BlackBerry range will have an app you can download that will help you in your quest for photographic excellence or pure enjoyment. While there are some paid-for apps, you will also find free trial available so that you can test them out before you part with your money.