Many tech followers claim that the Samsung Galaxy SIII will put to rest the search for the iPhone’s nemesis. So far, it has hit $10 million in sales, selling 190,000 units per day by July. If this keeps going, it may be the threat Apple has been waiting for.

But who knows what can happen next?

In the meantime, you can first tackle the issues you have at hand like that S3 frozen screen. Similar to the iPhone and other smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is not a perfect technology. While you adore it most of the time, there will be times that you will hate it. Instead of giving up, here are quick Samsung repair tips for your frozen Galaxy SIII screen.


1.     Remedy the situation by soft resetting your S3.


Typical with most smart phones, the best way to remedy a frozen screen is by:

  • Pressing the Power button for about 15 seconds until it shuts off.
  • Let it stand for a few more seconds to a minute.
  • Turn the unit on again and go back to your normal activities.

Usually, a frozen screen for your SIII is caused by crashing or unresponsive programs or overloading of programs opened. If you want to detect the culprit of frequent but random freezing, you can first restore your unit to its original condition and try adding one app at a time.


2.     Restore it to its factory condition by hard setting.


Hard resetting erases all your data, even encrypted ones. So make sure that you have already created a backup of your phone’s data. Also, remove the SIM card first if you’re opting for a full reset. Anyway, there are two methods to perform a hard reset. The first one is done manually on startup:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold down both Volume buttons while holding the Power button.
  • Hold on to the three buttons while you wait a menu option to appear on-screen.
  • Choose Wipe Data or Factory Reset by using the Volume down button to move the cursor.
  • Press the Home button to select the action.

The second method of hard resetting is by soft resetting first. When the system resumes, key in: *2767*3855#. You will automatically be prompted that the factory reset is successful.


The South Korea-based company has come a long way to prove itself to the world. The Samsung Galaxy SIII may not be a perfect product, but it is definitely at par with the leading smart phones in the market.  This has made the stakes higher for Apple, challenging the latter to up the ante of its upcoming phone.


About the Author 

Jay Manangan is an online marketing strategist for Repair labs, He spend most of his time on the internet, reading technology and computer blogs. He’s the axeman of a band called “ManMinusMachine”.