Samsung Galaxy Note

A GSM phone having HD video quality, LTE connection and dual-core processor sounds to be a winner in the mobile world. Can you name the device about which is being talked over here? Yes, there you are – it is Samsung Galaxy Note. It is a hybrid tablet mobile device offering you 4G LTE speed, 5.3” HD screen display and 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. Samsung Galaxy Note is a perfect platform for doing anything and everything you want.

Any app on this tablet phone reaches to the next level. As you know, Android apps are plenty in number and hence you have so many choices to select from. Want to have some of the ideal apps for Galaxy Note? Just choose “Samsung Apps” from your device and you will be open to a huge collection of wonderful apps.

Come and take a look at some fun-filled apps and enjoy the benefit of having Samsung Galaxy Note at hand….

Some Notable Native Apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note

S Memo

This is an app that combines typed texts, handwritten notes, voice recordings, drawings and pictures into one single application. That means all these get transferred to memo which you can share with your colleagues, friends and family. You will be stunned to see such an expressive memo!

Crayon Physics

It is one 2D combo app that takes you to your childhood days with its sandbox game and physics puzzle. You can see how your drawing will look when they are converted to physical objects. You have full opportunity to utilize your creative skills and artistic vision in creating and solving puzzles. As many as 70 levels are offered to you!

There are certain apps in Google Play that are particularly designed for S Pen. Are you interested in writing poetry or drawing a unique art piece? Add this app and enjoy creating an ultimate masterpiece!


The impressive precision in this app allows you to draw designs and pictures with every minute effect. It’s your time to bring out your inner artists!!! Once you have completed creating a picture, store it in gallery or upload it to some online gallery so that people get the chance to admire your flair. You will be stunned to see your own creation with this app!

A brilliant idea can strike anytime – when you are watching TV or shopping at a grocery store. A PC system or a paper might not be available every time to keep a note of that idea. This is where the app of Galaxy Note comes to help. You will never lose a moment of inspiration.


This is one feature packed application that facilitates you to capture any experience or idea on the device. It securely auto syncs to cloud. Record voices, write notes, attach reminders, capture photos and map the desired location. It’s simple and fast!


This is one app that can transform our photo to some villain or superhero. This funny app gives you the privilege of customizing your own picture and designing an adventure in your own way.

This is not the end; the list of app is endless. Get these apps in your Galaxy Note and make it unique…


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