Infographics are fun and they can help you learn a concept that would be difficult with a written explanation. Here’s a list of some of the best Infographics about computers.

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Cats and Computers

This is a humorous take on having a cat because many cat owners find that these aloof creatures tend to stick to their owners and can become jealous when their owners seem to be giving the computer more attention. Having your cat walk across your computer keyboard is inevitable, at least once a day, so cat-proofing your computer is important.

Infographic - Cat Proofing your Computer

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Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are serious business and not something to ignore. Whether you get antivirus software or set up some firewalls, protecting your computer is important. Here’s a great infographic that outlines the seriousness of these threats and why it’s important to product yourself and your computer.

Infographic - Software Terrorists Scams and Viruses

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Computers or Tablets?

This next graphic is great because it details how tablets have become more popular in the last few years. According to the infographic, 28 million people planned to buy tablets, whether iPads or widescreen Android tablets, in the few months after the infographic was created. It also details the possibility of tablets taking over and replacing items such as e-readers, portable gaming devices, and computer mice, and possibly even laptop computers.

Infographic - Computers vs Tablets

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Do you agree with the information presented in this infographic? Will tablets take over?


Impact of Computers on the Environment

The next infographic is pretty sobering. It takes statistics about how computing impacts the environment negatively, including details about how much energy it takes to run computers that are left on at night — enough to run the Eiffel Tower every hour of the day for 720 years. That’s a lot of energy.

Infographic - Impact of Computers on the Environment

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Does reading that infographic make you want to change your ways? It’s pretty powerful, no?


60 Seconds on the Internet

It’s amazing to see how quickly the world changes. Here’s an infographic that shows what happens in only 60 seconds on the Internet. Only one minute! Think of how that impacts the world within a day’s time. Can you believe that every 60 seconds 600 new videos are loaded on YouTube, 6,600 pictures are loaded on Flickr, and 168 million emails are sent. What would we do without the Internet?

Infographic - 60 Seconds on the Internet


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If you were to create your own infographic, what would it focus on?


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