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The world can thank the BlackBerry for starting the smartphone revolution, developing its push email services that would start the trend of wireless connectivity in mobile devices everywhere. But with its success comes a couple of failures—some still evident in the current BB models of today. Fortunately, BlackBerry repair for some of the common problems can be done without technical experience.


Missing Messages

After heavy use of calling and messaging and saving all sorts of files, old call logs and messages start disappearing in BlackBerries. This is because the phone’s memory is reaching its limit, and the first casualties are usually those important records of communication.


Unfortunately, there is no way of retrieving what has been deleted. So to avoid this from happening in the first place, users should go to Options and click on Status. The phone’s free memory will be shown on screen. Keeping this in mind will prevent unintentional losses, as users can just delete unimportant files or transfer them to their computers or online.


BlackBerry App World

App World Gone

Downloading apps for a smartphone is a must now for increased use and efficiency. With that said, not being able to access BlackBerry’s App World or failing to reinstall old useful apps from backed up data can cripple capabilities.

To fix this problem, users should go to the Add-ons list in the Applications menu in Options. From there, search for App World then delete it. They should download it again from the official BlackBerry site in the Apps & Software tab.

Should an error message saying “An error has occurred. Please try again later,” show up, they should then check if the Time Zone in their phone is correct and that Set Time is Automatic. These can be found in the Date/Time menu in Options.

After saving these settings, users should then perform a battery pull which is simply removing the battery while the unit is turned on. This is a common fix for other problems so no need to worry about damaging the phone.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, users should log into their BIS account in the Email Settings menu. The screen should display the user’s email account. Click the Blackberry button, then Service Books. Another battery pull should follow.

If downloads from the App World still fails, users should clear the App World’s cache. This is done by starting App World, holding down ALT and then pressing R, S and T in that order. That should do it.


Frozen Screens

Like anything running on a computer chip, the BlackBerry also experiences the all-too-common problem of freezing.

Fix Frozen BlackBerry

A soft reset usually does the trick, and this can be done by holding down the ALT, CAP and DEL buttons simultaneously until the phone reboots. If that doesn’t work, a hard reset should be performed. Some BlackBerries have a small button at the back for the phones which can be reached with a pin. For those models without one, a battery pull is required.


Sim Card Error

BB units with SIM card doors sometimes stop recognizing the presence of the SIM cards, due to the latch getting loose. Users experiencing this problem can do a little “repairing” on their own.

They just need to turn off the unit, remove the battery and the SIM card. Afterwards, they should close the SIM card latch, and look for a rectangle with a metal tab in the middle located at the top center of the latch. Pushing it ever so softly with a small screwdriver will make the slot tighter. This should make the SIM card readable again to the phone.

BlackBerry Flickr @Trendsetter

Flickr @Trendsetter

The BlackBerry’s flaws are minor as the simple repairs show, making it as reliable as any smartphone out there. In the now very competitive market that is the smartphone industry, it still holds its own as a highly functional device and a worthwhile investment.

Image Credit: Flickr @arrayexception, iYogi, eHow, Flickr @Trendsetter