Samsung Galaxy S3

When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released, many geeks did not believe it could be as successful as its predecessor, the Galaxy S2.

The S2 was the best phone on the market for about a year, and I guess people expected more from the S3 than just a bigger screen, a more powerful processor, 4G (not everywhere though) and a couple of new features. Everyone wanted something revolutionary and shocking, but they got just a powerful, nicely built smartphone instead, nothing more.


Shocking sales numbers

However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling surprisingly well – in the first 100 days Samsung sold more than 20 million units! So the Galaxy S3 is really one of the best Samsung phones up to now, a worthy successor to the S2.

20 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units sold to:

  • 6 million – Europe
  • 4.5 million – Asia
  • 4 million – North America
  • 2.5 million – South Korea

So exactly how much is 20 million?

It’s about 200,000 units sold every day, according to Samsung. It’s 3 times more than the number of Galaxy S2 units sold in the same timeframe, and 6 times more than the number of sold Galaxy S devices.


Comparison to the Apple iPhone

Some geeks say that it is still much less than iPhone sales, but the thing is – we don’t really know how many iPhone 4S units were sold in 3 months, we only know that, according to one of Gartner’s latest reports, Apple managed to sell 28.94 million iPhones in Q2 2012.

Of course this number includes all of the iPhones, even the old ones. So we can’t really compare these two numbers – it would be fair to compare the sales of all Galaxy phones and all Apple iPhones.


Samsung Galaxy S III and the launch of the next-gen Apple iPhone 5

Anyway, things can change when the iPhone 5 is released (they say it’ll take place on September 12). If it also sells 20 million units up to December, we’ll know the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a serious rival.


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