Disp Recorder iPad

While the iPhone comes packed with great features, one thing it lacks is its ability to record its own display.

A screencast app, Disp Recorder, recently was released on the App Store that does exactly that – it captures live video and audio on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Being able to record your screen can be invaluable for giving instructions to a friend/family member who just purchased his/her first iPhone or simply showing a specific bug to forward to your app developer.

Using the app is very straightforward. You simply press the Red Button and you’ve begun your recording. The app records in the background so you could freely navigate through your apps at will.

When you’re done, simply return to Disp Recorder then press the “Stop” button (square black button to the right of the Red Button). Your recording will be processed and placed in the “Recorded Items” list accessed from the top right corner.

In any case, Disp Recorder is the only app of its kind that does not require jailbreaking and performs respectably well. If you’ve been looking to record your display for any reason, grab a copy. As of writing, Disp Recorder is on promotion for 50% off at just $4.99 down from $9.99.