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Update: Many users are reporting of their Sparrow crashing upon launch with this update. Sparrow’s co-founder, Dominique Leca (@domleca) have responded in a tweet that a fix is coming soon.

Sparrow iPhone crash @domleca


The much-loved iOS mail client, Sparrow has been finally updated to fully take advantage of iPhone 5’s larger screen size as well as support for Apple’s Passbook.

Although Sparrow’s development officially came to a halt since being acquired by Google in July, the developers promised to release a version that would support the extra pixels on the iPhone 5, and deliver they did.

This update was initially slated to arrive in early November; however the update never made it past Apple’s App Store review for using rich text support using some unofficial APIs.

Since its acquisition, Sparrow’s team surprised us with minor updates such as support for ‘Open in Chrome’ actions as well as an update to the Sparrow for Mac that brought support for Apple’s Retina displays and Mountain Lion’s Notification Center.

We’d still love to see Push, native iPad support, and more tweaks with Sparrow – chances are close to none of course but hey, we could always hope, right?

If in case you’ve read this article and haven’t tried Sparrow yet, although the development has stopped, it’s still a great app and worth trying out.


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