Apple recently released the iOS 6.0.2 update meant to fix Wi-Fi connectivity on the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. It may appear, however, that the update brings a new set of problems – battery drain.

Apple’s iOS updates have (almost always) been prone with criticisms about fixing one and bring a whole new set of problems, and battery problem being most common. It seems like this time wasn’t an exception.

TidBITs’s Michael Cohen and Adam C. Engst notes that the problem might be related to the ‘fix’ making the device work harder to scan for the Wi-Fi access points.

The battery drain issue is certainly not universal; however quite a few users appear to have been affected, browsing through the Apple Discussions forums for the iPhone 5.

Unfortunately there isn’t a fix to this battery drain issue other than to wait for Apple to address this issue in another update, hopefully soon.

via TidBITs, TechnologyTell



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