Twitter user @waxpancake posted an interested Tweet this Christmas “First tweet from my new iPad/Surface/Kindle/Nexus!”.

First Tweets from my iPad/Surface/Kindle/Nexus!

As shown above, over the span of 24 hours on Christmas Eve 2012, a search of “First tweet from [tablet]” resulted with the Apple iPad on top, followed by the Amazon Kindle, Google Nexus, and Microsoft Surface tablet.

While the number of Tweets does not necessary represent the actual market figures, it seems pretty safe to say that the iPad is the popular tablet amongst others.

The previous estimated figures for the iPad sold in Q4 2012 was 24-26 million, Kindle Fire at around 6 million units, Google Nexus 7 around 2-3 million, and Microsoft Surface coming in at under 1 million.

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