Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha

BBM Video appears to be on its way very soon, according to several leaked slides on the CrackBerry forums. The intro screenshot appear to have been removed by request; however a post on CrackBerry shows that BBM Video will allow users to “chat with a colleague or customer then transition to a video call for improved collaboration and share a presentation or spreadsheet instantly to help get the message across more clearly – all at the push of a button.”

BBM Video

The feature should mimic the likes of Skype and FaceTime, adding video to RIM’s successful BBM Voice that was recently launched.

Screenshot of the removed image show the video covering the entire screen with your image placed in a small window to the bottom left. The combination of BBM’s messaging features, Voice, and now Video, RIM appears to be focusing on a conference-capable service that’s completely portable for its users.

RIM will be unveiling the BlackBerry 10 for global launch on January 30, 2013.

via CrackBerry, MobileSyrup

Image Credit: Slackgear, TheNextWeb

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