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Cycloramic is a $0.99 app for the iPhone 5 that takes a 360-degree video by using its vibration and sensors to rotate itself. Cool, isn’t it? It’s been stirring up some attention since its launch earlier this month – even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak took a video of it in action:

Gathered around a dinner table, in a bar, in a club, at home, at a conference table, or at a historical monument? Cycloramic allows you to capture the moment (handsfree) in a unique and fun way whilst making you and your phone the talk of the event

Using the app is quite simple. Place your iPhone 5 upright on a smooth flat surface, and press the middle of the screen. The app counts down from three and starts spinning.

There are, however, a couple things to note before you head over to the App Store:

1. Cycloramic currently only supports the iPhone 5. You could open/install the app on other iOS devices; however the settings are specific for the iPhone 5 so chances are, it won’t work on your iPod Touch.

2. No panorama pic! Some of the reviews hint that users mistakenly purchased the app hoping that it would take panorama pictures – it won’t. Cycloramic is an app that takes 360-degree videos, not photos. Don’t hold your breath on panorama pic feature as well. Due to its vibration-motor-based mechanism, you probably won’t get a clear panorama pic anyway.

That said, Cycloramic is one of those rare apps that strikes originality and creativity. For just $0.99, I think it’s certainly worth a spin (pun intended 😉 ).

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