Twine Vibration update 1.2

Twine, the sensor block that raised $556,541 by 3,966 backers on Kickstarter last year, received a sweet update today.

Dubbed Twine 1.2, the update includes the following:

1. Vibration sensor functionality

2. Several small reductions in power consumptions

3. Celsius temperature readings

4. UI improvements, including Wi-Fi signal and battery lift bars and an improved fast mode switch.

*Users could update to Twine 1.2 simply by re-saving the existing rules on your Twine from the Dashboard.


Most notable change to this update is the vibration detection capability of our green sensor block. The dashboard now includes an indicator showing how many milli-gs (g = gravity) the Twine is experiencing. The indicator is updated every 45 seconds in normal mode and every 5 seconds in fast mode. Users will be able to set a vibration threshold to set rules for alerts.

Twine allows ample space for creativity. Twine folks have demonstrated how they would use the vibration sensors to work in their laundry alert demo and others use it to get alerts when their garage door’s left open.

How do you use your Twine? Join other fellow Twine users on their Community forums or leave a comment below!

via Twine