BlackBerry 10


The show-stopping debut for the release of the Blackberry Z10 last week has brought Blackberry back into the forefront of the smart phone market with a bang, and reminded us of why we once loved our Blackberries.

It has never been more important for Blackberry to get a new release exactly right in order to climb up the technology ramps again, due to the loss in sales over that past couple of years. The new mobile will soon become available worldwide as deals are worked out with providers. To grab one of these beauties for yourself, keep an eye out for Virgin Mobile phone deals here.

The Blackberry Z10 has now been successfully released to the grateful applause of those true fans, but the question is, what do we think?

What do we think?

User Operating Systems and Software

Blackberry is in a fantastic position within the market as unlike most, they have their own operating systems and software. This is only matched by Apple who also have their own systems and software.

The beauty of owning a Blackberry is that you can be assured that the company is keeping an eye on how their software is working at all times, which can only lead to a great level of customer service if there are ever issues.

BlackBerry10 Features


Phone Interface

BlackBerry 10 UI

The design of the Z10 has made a significant leap from the traditional Blackberry look: it is bigger, it has less curves and it is thinner, matching its rivals from Samsung and Apple.

The screen size has been amplified to 4.2″, but they have definitely designed this phone as a competitive consumer smartphone, moving behind on their usual trend to design classic phones for business.

The Z10 has no home button and the interface design is very different to any other available at the moment. There is in fact no home screen, so what you view on your phone is recently used apps or favourites that you assign yourself. This has caused some confusion in an age where we are used to being able to use technology straight out of the box.

However, once you get your head around this new way of using a phone it is a very neat design. To exit a page or return to menus you simply have to make a set of specific gestures. The fact that it is solely controlled by our gestures makes this a much more intimate phone than simply just being the latest device.


The Hub

BlackBerry10 Hub


The key to using this handset to the best of its capabilities is to get your head around the Blackberry HUB.

This is what replaces the home screen and is the place that all your details, calendars, emails and apps are stored. It is very intuitive and will tell you which are your most used items, helping you get the most out of your phone. Whatever you are doing on the phone, the hub is always there in the background, meaning that you have quick and easy access to all the parts that you may need.

To access the hub you simply slide upwards on the screen and it will appear, swipe down to go back to whatever you were doing – simple and easy to navigate!

The main difference between The Hub on Blackberry and Apples phones, is that you don’t have to close down the programme you are using to take a peek at the rest of your phone, once you swipe off the HUB you will be straight back to where you were!



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